Overview of the hottest laser molding

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Overview of laser molding

the dilemma version system that he is particularly grateful for is that Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, is known as the lithium capital of Asia. It uses laser and the storage tank machine that calculates this action to loosen the cylinder to process the die-cutting indentation version. This template manufacturing method can automate the making of the base plate. In operation, as long as the parameters such as the pattern of the product to be die cut and the thickness of the paperboard are input into the computer, the base plate making system can be controlled to make the base plate automatically move under the laser beam according to the required template pattern. This kind of template making method has changed the situation that the traditional lead empty method or sawing method has poor accuracy, slow speed, repeatability along the edge, and cannot meet the requirements of the packaging automatic production line. At present, the die-cutting plates that are damaged by laser cutting teeth have been widely used in the printing, packaging and decoration industries, and the products involve the fields of automobiles, household appliances, light industry, food, drugs, publicity and so on

the advantages of this new process can be summarized as follows:

(1) laser cutting speed is fast and cycle is short. Laser cutting can improve work efficiency several times to ten times. Generally, a die-cutting plate can complete programming and cutting tasks in only 1 ~ 3 hours

(2) good quality and high accuracy. The laser making stencil is controlled by computer, and the dimensional accuracy can be increased by an order of magnitude, with an error of ± 0.05mm. Any complex figure can be processed. It is very difficult to make special-shaped plates, multi-linked plates and die plates with one knife divided into two colors and no mottled on both sides with traditional technology, while the accumulated error of laser technology is very small, and the finished products are very exquisite

(3) good repeatability. The program compiled by computer can be stored. In mass production, multiple identical die plates are required. The new process only needs to transfer out the degree and then cut, which has excellent repeatability, while the traditional process cannot

(4) non toxic and harmless, with different technical requirements for workers

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