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Market overview globalization of corrugated box industry (Part 1)

the flag of globalization has been waved for more than ten years. However, strictly speaking, the corrugated box production industry is still limited to regional production and management. Corrugated box manufacturers all over the world have the ability to produce high-quality products and are committed to improving customer service and providing real-time delivery, but they are far from reaching the level of global production and operation equivalent to that of some end-users of cartons

at present, a few packaging joint production enterprises and comprehensive production enterprises have production bases and sales teams all over North America, Europe and Asia - but most corrugated box production enterprises are likely to be limited to providing carton products to local or regional retailers in the coming years. Even so, the countless links between the globalization strategy of large well-known retailers, the impact of the global economy on domestic currencies, production methods, staff levels and increasing equipment investment will affect corrugated box manufacturers

carton board production capacity

first, analyze the carton board production capacity. Records show that in the past few years, the production capacity of American carton manufacturers has reached tens of millions of tons; A number of carton board manufacturing enterprises closed down; No new paper production machines have been put into operation. This phenomenon further proves the regionality of carton board production in the United States, that is, to meet the needs of domestic customers

however, in Asia and Europe, the investment in carton board production has been rising steadily for many years. Southeast Asian countries continue to invest in new equipment and upgrade existing equipment, and carton production has gradually achieved self-sufficiency. China's carton board production capacity has doubled in the past 15 years and is expected to increase by 5million tons in 2005. Moreover, with the annual growth rate of 7% - 9% in China's carton board demand, China will become a global exporter in the future

next, look to Europe. From 2002 to 2003, the production capacity of European carton board increased by 1million tons. In 2004, due to the completion and operation of the transformation projects of some enterprises, the production capacity of carton board increased by 370000 tons. From 2005 to 2008, it is expected to increase the production capacity of more than 3million tons of cardboard, 8 new machines will be put into operation, and 5 factories will be transformed

many people believe that the rapid production capacity of cartons in Asia and Europe is likely to seriously affect the demand of the global cartons Market. But let's analyze the following set of data. Except Singapore, every Southeast Asian country experienced a very serious economic crisis in the late 1990s. Of course, it has now "recovered", and the demand for corrugated boxes has increased. The annual demand of some countries has increased by 4% or -6% if the pendulum is too dirty or rusty. Local corrugated box manufacturers have greatly improved their production capacity through reconstruction, so as to meet market demand

anyone who has a deep understanding of the Chinese market must be very clear that the rapid growth of China's carton production capacity is mainly driven by the export economy. Nowadays, pop packaging production accounts for only a small part of carton manufacturing enterprises. In recent years, China's domestic market has been penetrated by "supermarkets" and "hypermarkets" in western countries, and the demand for display shelves and pop packaging has begun to increase. Combining this trend with the growing demand for export packaging, it can be predicted that in the next few years, China's domestic market will be able to consume and absorb the existing domestic carton board output, while maintaining the status of a pure importer of carton board, especially white faced paper board

the reason for the increase in demand for cartons in Asia is the strong demand for domestic consumer goods. Although the situation in Europe is similar, it is still different. There are still multi-level small carton production enterprises in Europe - the annual output remains at the level of 50000 to 100000 tons. These small carton manufacturing enterprises will go bankrupt sooner or later. Because the pressure from environmental protection regulations and the increasing investment cost will make them unprofitable

however, the momentum of investment in new equipment has increased unabated, and the main direction of 3million tons of increase in carton board production capacity in the next three years will be low gram weight base paper - but this trend has not yet appeared in the Asian and European markets

most of the newly purchased production equipment are used to produce high gram weight recyclable tissue paper. This phenomenon will gradually be replaced by low gram carton board, especially core paper. The reasons are mainly driven by the demand of end users for other experiments that meet the conditions of this experimental machine, the pressure of environmental protection policies, and the interests of corrugated box manufacturers

interestingly, from the changes of European standard paper pallets in the past three decades, we can see the trend of the whole industry towards low gram weight cardboard - the weight of vermicelli and core paper continues to decline. Some people believe that in the next three or four years, the structure of the standard paper tray is: 90gsm recyclable face paper, 80gsm core paper and 90gsm recyclable face paper. The production speed of special grade paperboard on the tile line is 400 m/min

saving the cost of base paper is obviously the reason why European carton manufacturers invest in the production of low gram weight corrugated board. Now, this is attractive for any base paper purchasing enterprise, and other benefits include:

· enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise and protecting the market position of the enterprise

· reducing the basic weight of paperboard and enhancing the environmental protection of products

· reducing the thickness of paperboard and expanding the transportation volume per truck

· reducing the weight and thickness has no impact on the quantity of twists and turns of quality rotation, as long as it is implemented properly, It also has no impact on the output

a large carton manufacturing enterprise in France mainly produces low gram weight paperboard, with an annual output of 45000 tons of paperboard. Records show that since the production of low gram weight paperboard, the cost of core paper has been saved by 5%; The amount of paste was reduced by 1/3; The production speed of corrugated board production line has been improved; The service life of the corrugating roller has been significantly prolonged because the cardboard is cleaner; And the transportation cost is also saved by 10%. Over the past year, the production cost has been reduced by 750000 US dollars

therefore, for the first time, we feel the global trend in the corrugated box production industry - the increasing production capacity of cartons in Asia and Europe and the production direction of low gram weight cartons 4 After the sample is installed. The production trend of low gram weight carton board will also have an impact on the U.S. market. The carton production industry has the same characteristics as other industries, that is, it is dominated by customers rather than by the carton factory the final say. Therefore, in the near future, American carton enterprises will also begin to produce low gram weight cardboard

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