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Mail containers should be used for special bags

recently, we often see some phenomena of using non ordinary mail bags to package ordinary parcels in the parcel workshop, and there are many kinds, including domestic express mail bags, international air mail bags, international land and water mail bags... The most important is to use domestic express mail bags, and the most common is to use domestic express mail bags, which have different models and sizes. The "rules for the administration of mail containers" issued by the National Bureau on April 1st, 2002 clearly stipulates that "mail containers shall be used according to the type and scope of mail, and mixing is not allowed." In other words, mail containers should be used for special bags. Obviously, only by implementing the regulations on special bags for notifying banks issued jointly with the environmental protection department can we ensure the rapid, orderly transmission and safety of all kinds of mail. Therefore, the author suggests: first of all, the postal production personnel should strengthen the publicity and learning of mail container management, and the use of mail containers should be standardized. Secondly, all production and operation links should check each other, and if it is found that the special bag is not used for special purpose, the inspection form should be issued to the previous link in time (note that the email cannot be returned, and it should be sent according to the future), so as to avoid the recurrence of similar situations. As long as the postal production personnel pay attention to each other and check each other, the use of postal bags will be standardized

letter on relevant policies and future healthy development of "1035" new materials source: China Post

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