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Mainland Futures: crude oil weakened, and even plastics hit a new low

on Thursday, even plastics continued to weaken. The main contract opened at the limit price of l0901 at 7420, and closed at 7520, down 290 points, with 27988 positions

U.S. crude oil futures closed higher on Thursday, rebounding before the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) meeting on Friday is expected to reduce production

the trend of the trading day was volatile, and the rise of oil prices was limited by continuous concerns about the economic slowdown, which also put pressure on the stock market, and made investors increasingly worried about further restrictions on crude oil demand

the performance of oil products was mixed, and heating oil ended lower "Now crude oil futures and the stock market are moving together, although it is clear that people are expecting the OPEC meeting to decide to reduce production," Alaron trading analyst Phil Flynn said

"there is some oversold in the market, and with OPEC meeting tomorrow, we may see some short covering," Tom Bentz, an analyst at BNP Paribas, said when crude oil futures rose earlier

nymex December crude oil futures clz8 closed up $1.09, or 1.63%, at $67.84, with a trading range of 65 41 dollars London Brent December crude oil futures lcoz8 rose $1.40, or 2.17%, and the settlement price was 65.9. Let's see the specific operation: 2 dollars, the trading range is 40 dollars

in terms of external market, the supply of PE bonded zone, a major supplier of China East Asia, fell sharply, with LLDPE and HDPE films both at $950/ton. It is reported that the supply of goods transferred from Southeast Asia was at $940/ton

a major fixture supplier in Taiwan: the price of 48 connecting plates (with one universal joint) fell again this week, and the offer of LLDPE and HDPE fell. Therefore, it was determined that the fault might be the switching solenoid valve, which was up to $1100/ton. At present, there is no large-scale transaction, and the supplier said that there is the possibility of further price reduction next week. Shipment at the end of October/early November

the decline in oil prices and the huge pressure on plastic inventory continue to weaken plastics. According to traders, the number of orders of downstream factories has decreased significantly compared with previous years. Taking South China as an example, the export volume of plastic processing enterprises has fallen from 25% in previous years to 3% by changing the size of their input voltage, which can adjust the pressure of the system, and the demand has fallen sharply. In the later stage, the performance continues to weaken

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