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The market capacity of din41612 connector in mainland China is expected to be close to 300million yuan in 2011. Introduction: the data of Jiefu joint report shows that the market capacity of din41612 connector in mainland China is expected to be close to 300million yuan in 2011, and the market capacity of din41612 connector in Chinese Mainland will show a slight increase in the next few years, and the growth level will decline year by year

din41612 connector definition: a connector that conforms to din416 (now IEC) standard, that is, a printed board connector with a spacing of 2.54mm between two pins and a transmission frequency lower than 3MHz. In October, 2011, Beijing jfuninited launched the "2011 mainland din41612 connector market survey report", which systematically analyzed the overall market scale, market competition, product segmentation market, high, medium and low-end market pattern, price system, as well as communication, machinery manufacturing and industrial control, military industry (aerospace, shipbuilding), rail transit, electric power Medical and other downstream application market segments. Part of the research report is summarized as follows for the reference of insiders

according to the data reported by jfunity, the market capacity of din41612 connector in mainland China is expected to be close to 300million yuan in 2011. The market capacity of din41612 connector in mainland China, which focuses on production efficiency and energy requirements, will show a slight increase in the next few years, and the growth level will decline year by year

in 2010, there were about 20 din41612 suppliers in the mainland market, mainly large group companies with a long history of producing connectors and Taiwan funded or domestic enterprises that have begun to specialize in the production of din4162 connectors in recent years. In 2010, the mainland din41612 connector market was highly concentrated, and the top three suppliers accounted for about half of the total market share. Among the nearly 20 suppliers in the mainland market, FCI, Erni, HARTING and other suppliers (all foreign-funded) have the largest market share, because the above-mentioned enterprises have a long history of producing din41612 connectors, entered the mainland market earlier, promoted din41612 standard connectors most vigorously, and gained the highest popularity among customers

jfinited pointed out in the report that din41612 connectors in the mainland market are mainly medium and high-end brands, supplemented by low-end brands. Medium and high-end brands are generally dominated by round steel, square steel and 6 angle steel enterprises with an external section size of less than or equal to 40mm, while low-end brands are dominated by mainland local enterprises and Taiwan funded enterprises. The market price of din41612 connector in mainland China is obviously stratified. At present, among din41612 connectors in the market, the product prices of foreign brands are generally higher, while the product prices of domestic and Taiwan funded enterprises are generally lower. Due to the mature technology and low production cost of DIN connector, it attracts some Taiwan funded and domestic enterprises to process and imitate production. With the low price competition strategy adopted by some domestic brands and Taiwan funded enterprises, the bargaining power of customers is gradually enhanced, the average price of DIN connector Market in the mainland will show a downward trend, and the market share of medium and high-end brands will be squeezed

from the perspective of industrial application, the communication industry is the main market for connector products. However, due to the disconnection between the low-frequency, large structure and non shielding characteristics of din41612 connector and the needs of the communication industry, various high-density, high-speed and high shielding connectors are gradually replacing the application of din41612 connector in the communication industry; At the same time, din41612 connector is facing the test of miniaturization, lightweight and other requirements in machinery manufacturing and industrial control industries, rail transit, medical treatment, electric power and other industries. Due to its large volume and structure, din41612 has good reliability and technical stability, which is in line with the application of military industry, rail transit and other fields pursuing high stability; In addition, compared with other new connectors, DIN connectors have mature technology and price advantages

with the continuous development of new technologies and processes, large connector manufacturers such as FCI, Erni, HARTING, etc. are constantly introducing new high-speed or high-density connectors to meet the market demand (such as 2mm, ermet zd+), showing a trend of gradually replacing DIN connectors. Due to the fierce market competition caused by the continuous imitation of some Taiwan funded and domestic enterprises, some large connector manufacturers (such as Amphenol and Molex) are gradually withdrawing from the din41612 connector market or reducing the scale of their production lines. (this article is published under the authorization of Beijing Jiefu United Consulting Co., Ltd., please indicate the source for reprint)

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