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Mahogany furniture "private customization" excavates growth points

in recent years, the experimental power of customized furniture needs to be increased and decreased repeatedly. It can be said that it is the most dazzling plate of impact experimental cryometers in the whole household industry. From the highest customized wardrobe to today, all kinds of customized furniture have become popular in major household stores. As a high-end furniture market, mahogany furniture has also begun to enter the ranks of "private customization"

at present, 30% of the sales channels of enterprises are private customization. Improve the overall development level of China's new material industry. According to a salesperson, if you choose customization, from material selection to style design, you can customize according to the requirements of customers. Even some businesses have specially hired designers, who can design different styles of furniture for customers according to the style of their home decoration

since the second half of 2012, the number of people customizing mahogany furniture has gradually increased. A consumer who chose to customize mahogany furniture said that the reason why he chose to customize was mainly because the furniture displayed in the store was not suitable for his family's design and style. We learned that most consumers who choose customization are those who have high requirements for personalization or have relatively strict requirements and assumptions for family decoration style

in this regard, an industry expert believes that every customized product has its unparalleled artistry and vitality, which is unmatched by the products produced by the assembly line. Most of the customers who choose "private customization" emphasize their personalized lifestyle, which is a relatively fashionable consumption mode at present, which is consistent with the consumption psychology of high-end people

at the same time, many consumers believe that mahogany furniture should be customized, "mahogany furniture will have no original cultural connotation if it is produced by machine assembly line." A consumer revealed. According to the merchants, now consumers have a deeper understanding of the cultural connotation contained in mahogany furniture, which makes them no longer passively accept the assembly line concept of selling by manufacturers

in addition, some insiders believe that customized furniture has great potential for value preservation and appreciation. Choosing "private customization" is also one of the manifestations of consumers' mature investment psychology

customized furniture accounted for 10% of the overall furniture market in 2012. In 2013, the rapid growth momentum of domestic customized furniture e-commerce packaging may be abrupt, but the market scale will reach 100 billion yuan. The report on the consumption trend of customized furniture in the first half of a furniture market shows that personalized consumption demand has gradually become the mainstream of the market, and customized furniture will become another important growth point of the furniture market

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