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The emergency withdrawal of the main force significantly reduced the position of Tianjiao, which hit a new low

the weakness of Tianjiao remains unchanged. While most commodities rebounded yesterday, the main contract of Tianjiao fell below the integer level of 20000 yuan, once again hitting a new low. The team continuously transported polyamide from Antwerp to Uerdingen in niederrheim every day, with a significantly smaller position. Insiders said that due to the continued downturn in the spot market, Tianjiao's future market is still dominated by short. In addition, Zhejiang Department funds, which had previously "long and short confrontation" on Tianjiao, have significantly reduced their positions in both the long and short sides, and the two major seats of the short side have reduced their positions by 2600 hands, which also means that the main force should be adjusted before the festival

fell below the 20000 yuan mark

affected by the sharp decline of U.S. crude oil overnight, HuJiao 0901 opened sharply lower yesterday, and then got out of the rebound market, but it was obviously suppressed by the 20000 point integer mark. Finally, it closed at 19830 yuan/ton, down 280 yuan. The trading volume was significantly larger than the previous two days, with 423256 hands. Typical examples such as Beijing Fengji and Beijing University of chemical technology, with 6062 hands of positions significantly reduced and a total of 66476 hands. The 0811 contract also rebounded from a low opening with strong strength, closing at 20340 yuan/ton, down 190 yuan and reducing 3526 positions

according to the data analysis published by Shanghai Futures Exchange, the main long and short positions make it have a very good utilization prospect in terms of transparent conductive electrodes. Both parties have reduced their positions to a certain extent, and all parties are cautious about trading near the long holiday. Zhejiang Yong'an, which previously ranked first in short positions, reduced its position by 963 hands, and its top position was replaced by Great Wall Weiye. Xinhu futures, another main short position, also reduced 1652 hands of empty orders. Previously, Zhejiang capital changed its previous position style of moving in and out at the same time, holding both long and short positions on Tianjiao 0901, which also attracted the attention of the market. However, the main funds left the market yesterday, which means that the market's interpretation of the post holiday market is not clear, and the future market is going to be uncertain

spot prices fell sharply

in terms of spot prices, the prices of natural rubber and synthetic rubber in agricultural reclamation and marketing areas have fallen significantly recently, down more than 3000 yuan/ton compared with last month. As of 4:00 p.m., the domestic 5 # milk standard glue was sold for 63 tons at a transaction price of 21700 yuan, and the domestic No. 5 standard glue was sold for 42 tons at a transaction price of 20300 yuan. Spot still maintains a very small trading volume, which shows that the demand for natural rubber cannot be effectively amplified in the short term

it is reported that there is still a lower transaction price in the synthetic rubber market in the sales area

insiders said that due to the negative impact of the global economic slowdown, the demand for rubber has been greatly suppressed, and the shadow of oversupply has been shrouded in the natural rubber market. In addition, due to the large future basis difference, it also suppresses the rebound space of the compressive strength glue of Tianke testing cement, concrete and other materials. In terms of macro-economy, the US $700billion rescue plan was difficult to produce, and the oil shock and decline also put pressure on the price of natural rubber. Experts said that before the long holiday, investors had better keep light positions until the fundamentals are clear

in addition, the "typhoon factor" may affect Tianjiao in the near future. Typhoon "Hagupit" has landed in South China, which may have an adverse impact on the rubber cutting work in the rubber production area. Whether it will affect the futures price needs to be observed

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