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Mai Boliang won the title of "Shenzhen business leader affecting China"

Mai Boliang won the title of "Shenzhen business leader affecting China so that the experimental machine cannot be carried out"

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the selection results of the 11th "Shenzhen business man of the moment" were released in Shenzhen on the afternoon of December 20, and Mai Boliang, CEO and President of CIMC group, won the title of "2018 Shenzhen business leader affecting China". In this selection, only Mai Boliang won this title

in addition, Xiao Fen, the chairman of Fenda technology, Li Wei, the founding partner of Songhe capital, Shi Wenyuan, the chairman of Yalan industry, Zhou Jian, the chairman of youbiselection, Wang Xiue, the chairman of Linfeng investment holding, Zhang Chunhua, the chairman of Langhua investment holding, Yu Wensheng, the chairman of mengrongxin, Wang Lan, the chairman of AVIC health fashion, Hu Xiang, the chairman of Beike biotechnology, and Wang Jun, the CEO of carbon cloud intelligent technology, were rated as "figures of the 11th Shenzhen business"

the selection was jointly sponsored by Shenzhen chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Federation of Commerce, Shenzhen radio, film and television group and Shenzhen newspaper group. In the previous selection, Yuan Geng, Yu Pengnian, Ma Weihua, Wang Jian and many other excellent entrepreneurs have been selected

the organizer said that the enterprises of the previous "Shenzhen business man of the moment" and the selected high-tech high growth enterprises are all enterprises with outstanding contributions in the field of economic construction in Shenzhen and even the whole country. To discover, excavate and commend "Shenzhen business man of the moment" is to inherit and carry forward the entrepreneurial, adventurous and innovative spirit of Shenzhen business, set a benchmark, and let more people know the touching story of Shenzhen business entrepreneurs behind Shenzhen's glory, Spread positive energy in the whole society

Mai Boliang is the first batch of professional managers after China's reform and opening up. He is the first batch of college students after the resumption of the national college entrance examination in 1977. He has been working in CIMC since 1981. Since 1990, he has led the then small container factory as the acting general manager, and has been developing into a multinational industrial group with eight business segments, 20 world champion products as lead screws and lead nuts, and an annual revenue of nearly 80billion, It has polished the famous brand "CIMC CIMC" all over the world and brought Chinese quality to the world. For decades, Mai Boliang has regarded CIMC as his largest career platform, inheriting the entrepreneurship, daring and innovation essence of Shenzhen merchants. He can deploy robots in the laboratory to perform a series of tasks. He is a real representative of Shenzhen merchants and makes contributions to the development and upgrading of China's real industry

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