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On June 16, Bai Weimin, vice president of the China Video Association, will lead some mainland color TV manufacturers to Taiwan to purchase panels. This purchase will be mainly in large size, with the same quantity and amount as in previous years, and the transaction amount will not be less than 4.5 billion US dollars. Analysts believe that the trend of color TV large screen is obvious, but the production capacity of relevant panels in the mainland has been relatively short. After the purchase, it is expected to accelerate the upgrading of the color TV industry. The performance of large-size TVs, especially 4K TVs, is expected this year

At the invitation of Taiwan foreign trade association, Bai Weimin, vice president of China Video Association, will lead TCL, Skyworth, Hisense, Konka, Changhong, Xiahua, Haier, panda and other mainland color TV machine enterprises to Taiwan to purchase panels and negotiate cooperation matters from 16th to 22nd

in this regard, about 30million panels will be purchased this time, with a purchase amount of no less than $4.5 billion. Anlimu also revealed. According to an insider, the purchase will be mainly 50 and 55 inch panels. Bai Weimin did not respond positively to this matter, but she said that at present, the capacity of continental panel factories in the large-scale field is indeed tight

since 2009, Bai Weimin has led some domestic manufacturers of color TV sets to Taiwan every year to "sweep goods", with an average annual purchase amount of about $4billion

Bai Weimin said that in addition to procurement contracts, discussions and cooperation will also be carried out at the technical level. When visiting Taiwan last year, Bai Weimin once called on the smart TV industry on both sides of the Strait to jointly build a "patent pool". As a purchasing enterprise, the company will conduct exchanges on technical cooperation issues, and there is a lot of room for interaction and cooperation between the relevant industrial chains across the Strait

accelerate the upgrading of the color TV industry

with the steady increase of color TV sales, the mainland has become a must for Taiwan's panel manufacturers. Statistics from WitsView, a research institution, show that the total procurement of panels in mainland China in 2012 was 52.709 million pieces, an increase of 37.5% over 2011, of which 46.2% came from Taiwan panel factories such as Youda and qunchuang

intelligence and large screen have become a major trend in the development of the color TV industry. Since this year, 4K smart TV has entered the market introduction period. Analysts believe that in the early stage, Taiwan manufacturers gave up the 32 inch panel market because of the industry upgrading strategy, which also enabled mainland panel enterprises such as BOE and csot to quickly occupy the corresponding market and achieve high performance growth. However, in the face of the large screen trend, Continental panel plants still have shortcomings in both production capacity and technical capacity

with the increase of market share and technological progress, the mainland panel factory has a certain impact on the panel industry in Taiwan. However, industry insiders believe that the main production capacity of mainland panel factories is still in the middle and low-end fields, and the high-end fields still need to purchase a considerable number of panels from Taiwan

with the rise of smart TV, TV began to integrate with the IT community in terms of hardware architecture, and hardware in the IT field such as processing chips and DRAM memory began to be applied in the field of color TV. Analysts said that the mainland has reduced about 216000 plastic bottle closures for this marathon, and the development of supporting industries is not complete. It can form complementary and benign interaction with Taiwan, and the loading of test pieces is too long. DRAM memory has been purchased during its visit to Taiwan last year, and will continue to pay close attention to this field this year

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