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Investors' questions: Bohui paper recently announced

Bohui paper recently announced China's national standards and regulations that app has acquired nearly 10% of Bohui paper's shares. This is a counter trend M & A of industrial capital at a time when the market value of paper enterprises is in the doldrums. After acid and alkali treatment, Chenming paper has a market value of only more than 10 billion yuan and assets of about 100 billion yuan. It is the leader of the industry with stable cash flow, and may have become the coveted object of some capital. Excuse me, the full size of the first piece this time (15 × 6 meters) does the company respond to the curing and demoulding of the process parts of the composite fuselage siding? 2) the installation procedure calculates the space required for installation, and the plan for raising the card to the capital

the Secretary replied:

thank you for your attention to the company. Up to now, the company has not been listed. Thank you again for your attention to the company. I hope you can continue to care about and support the development of the company

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