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Investment opportunities and relevant policies in China's paper industry recently, In 'Ruizhong pulp and Paper Technology Seminar', the oil leakage of the oil system is usually the buffer valve "On, Ms. Cao Pufang, executive vice president of China Paper Association, whose solid relative density can be as low as 0.003, delivered a speech on the investment opportunities and relevant policies of China's paper industry. The main contents are as follows: 1. Key technological transformation projects supported by national fiscal bonds will enjoy the following policies:

A. imported equipment will be exempted from tariffs and import value-added tax;

B. enterprises with special loans for projects can enjoy national fiscal discount interest Policies

c. 40% of the investment in domestic equipment required for technological transformation can enjoy the preferential treatment of enterprise income tax credit

d. suspend the collection of adjustment tax on fixed asset investors in experimental projects

2. The State Council decided to exempt the imported equipment of domestic investment projects and foreign investment projects encouraged by the state from tariff and import value-added tax within the specified range from January 1, 1998. Tax exemption scope of imported equipment:

A. for foreign-invested projects that meet the encouraged and restricted category B of the catalogue for the guidance of foreign investment industries and transfer technology, the self-use equipment imported within the total investment, except for the goods listed in the catalogue of imported goods not exempt from tax for foreign investment projects, shall be exempted from tariff and import value-added tax, and the self-use equipment imported from foreign government loans and international financial organization loan projects Non priced imported equipment provided by foreign businessmen in processing trade shall be implemented with reference to the above paragraph

b. for domestic investment projects that conform to the catalogue of industries, products and technologies currently encouraged by the state, the self-use equipment within the total investment amount, except for the goods listed in the catalogue of imported goods that are not tax-free for domestic investment projects, shall be exempted from customs duties and import value-added tax

c. the technology, accessories and spare parts imported with the equipment according to the contract for the projects that meet the above provisions are also exempted from tariff and import value-added tax

3. The General Administration of Customs issued the "notice on Further Encouraging Foreign Investment and relevant import tax policies", for the technological transformation projects of the established encouraged and restricted class B foreign-invested enterprises, foreign-invested research and development centers, advanced technology and product export-oriented foreign-invested enterprises, and the projects in line with the "catalogue of advantageous industries and advantageous projects in the utilization of foreign capital in the central and western regions", The self use equipment and its supporting technologies, accessories and spare parts imported within the total investment that cannot be produced domestically or whose performance cannot meet the needs, except for the imported goods that are not tax-free, are exempted from import tariffs and import value-added tax

4. The state will grant new preferential income tax policies to foreign-invested enterprises investing in the central and western regions. The State Council decided to implement from January 1, 2000: for foreign-invested enterprises in the central and western regions encouraged by the state, they can be protected and maintained during the implementation period of the current preferential tax policies: within three years after the expiration, the enterprise income tax can be reduced at the tax rate of 15%

5. Relevant preferential policies enjoyed by "three capital" enterprises: for example, the income tax is "exempted by two and reduced by three"; Reinvestment tax rebate (40% of the paid income tax will be refunded to the enterprise); Exemption from urban maintenance and construction tax; Exemption from fixed asset investment orientation adjustment tax and other policies

6. Paper making fields that encourage foreign investment and cooperation: large pulp mills and the construction of corresponding raw material bases; Production of high-tech chemicals for papermaking; Manufacturing of complete sets of new pulp and paper machinery; Paper industry resource regeneration and comprehensive utilization technology engineering; Environmental pollution control project of paper industry; Paper and paperboard items, etc

opening up to foreign countries is a basic national policy of China. After China's entry into WTO, the degree of opening up to the outside world will be greater and the field will be wider. China's paper market has broad prospects, providing investors with full development space

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