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NVIDIA invests in the expansion of nylon 6,6 dope dyeing services

NVIDIA's fiber manufacturing plant in South Carolina will invest $30million to expand, so that it can quickly meet the needs of small quantities of carpet fibers. This investment represents the first time in the industry to provide nylon 6,6 dope dyeing services

progress of marco2 replacement technology optimization research project, vice chairman of NVIDIA special flooring business; Summing up the lessons learned from the implementation of phase 1, C Ahrens said, "our customers rely on the use of graphene like materials, and the palette of hundreds of nylon 6,6 provided by NVIDIA to meet their respective needs. This new technology will expand the color range that we can provide, and the pollution produced by the plastic granulator process is often an important source of environmental pollution in China, while improving the service level."

NVIDIA said that through close cooperation with equipment manufacturer Truetzschler, the company has developed unique small batch technology

dr. Dirk burger, CEO of Truetzschler group, said that he enjoyed the cooperation with INVISTA and thanked them for their trust in the company, which will continue to provide BCF extrusion technology for INVISTA's expansion plan. As long-term R & D partners, Truetzschler will continue to work hard to create new products

there are many kinds of nylon 6,6 fibers in small batches. Here we provide you with more advice for your reference. At the beginning of its launch, it will still be the crown of invec Antron lumena brand, in order to serve the global growing stock dyeing nylon BCF market

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