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Investment tycoon vs e-commerce rookie reveals Liu qiangdong and Yan Yan's old grudges

one is the behind the scenes investment tycoon, who has successfully invested in Shanda and participated in investing in perfect world, Global IELTS and Fanke. The other is the rookie in the e-commerce industry in recent years, who dares to challenge Ma Yun publicly. Two people with different trajectories, however, have turned over new enmity and old enmity due to a non IT industry incident

on July 12, Wu Changjiang, the former chairman of Rexroth lighting, resigned, and the storm entered a white hot stage. Liu qiangdong, CEO of JD mall, joined the battle group and publicly supported Wu Changjiang. He attacked Yan Yan, the partner of Saifu and the current chairman of Rex lighting, for publicly lying and violating the professional ethics of investors, and said that Rex lighting would be destroyed by Yan Yan

Liu qiangdong's "verbal bombing" of Yan Yan not only surprised the entire IT industry, but also surprised that after Dangdang CEO liguoqing, another e-commerce tycoon publicly attacked investors, which also made people wonder why Liu qiangdong should support Wu Changjiang and introduce the storm to another completely different industry. What new and old grudges does he have with Yan Yan

is the reason behind it, as Liu qiangdong said, speaking for entrepreneurs? Liu qiangdong said: a person with a peaceful state of mind does not mean that he is an ostrich. It's none of his business and he doesn't care. "I will not lose my personality of distinguishing between love and hate! I just want to publish such people who lie openly, violate the professional ethics of investors, bully founders and infringe on the interests of entrepreneurs! Avoid more entrepreneurs!"

Liu qiangdong and Wu Changjiang are alumni of China Europe International Business School

in fact, the fact may not be so simple. Tencent technology consulting public data shows that Liu qiangdong and Wu Changjiang are alumni, and both of them have been at China Europe Business School. Among them, Liu qiangdong is an EMBA 2009 alumnus of China Europe International Business School, and Wu Changjiang has been studying at China Europe International Business School since 2010. This also means that Liu qiangdong and Wu Changjiang may have an intersection in the China Europe Business School, where all projects are expected to be completed in 2018

one is an e-commerce tycoon who has risen rapidly in the 3C field. In just a few years, he has made JD an enterprise with an adult scale of more than 20 billion yuan. The other is the largest lamp manufacturer in China. Liu qiangdong and Wu Changjiang have created miracles in their respective fields

whether the two sides have had any exchanges through China Europe Business School is unknown to the outside world. However, their success in their respective fields makes them cherish each other. Like Liu qiangdong, Liu Xiaodong, senior vice president of CBSI (China), and Wu Changjiang are both alumni of China Europe Business School. Liu Xiaodong confirmed that everyone knew each other. However, he replied to Tencent's science and technology text message: "I'm not familiar with Wu Changjiang, and I'm not at the same level."

behind the acquaintance of Liu qiangdong and Wu Changjiang, they all had common resentment against Yan Yan, the investor. Wu Changjiang's resentment against Yan Yan lies in that Wu Changjiang believes that Yan Yan used the resolution of the board of directors to expel him from leaving the enterprise he founded, and strongly opposed seeing the media himself and not allowing him to write microblogs. As a result, Yan Yan went to see the media himself and wrote microblogs that belittled Chinese entrepreneurs

"in the past two days, many media have reported and reproduced the three conditions that Mr. Yan Yan allowed me to return to Rex. In fact, people with clear eyes know that he is criticizing and attacking me, 1. Saying that I hid the truth from the board of directors; 2. Saying that I have improper related party transactions; 3. Saying that I don't respect the board of directors, the domestic mine may have a strong Council." Wu Changjiang believes that these three criminal evidences are big enough, but he will never accept them

Liu qiangdong's resentment lies in a long dusty past, which is closely related to a financing obtained by in early 2009. At the beginning of 2008, got involved in selling flat-panel TVs, and completed the expansion of major electric product lines such as air conditioning, ice washing and television in June. This also marks the establishment of 3C products across the board and has become a veritable 3C purchase platform

just as it was preparing for a big fight and in urgent need of money, the financial crisis came unexpectedly, which also made the compound annual growth rate of JD mall reach 10.9%, facing a huge crisis in the expansion. Liu qiangdong and his team began to raise money. At that time, hanergy capital provided financial advisory services. The specific person in charge was Tang Kainan, who was the executive director of hanergy investment at that time

in the process of raising money, Tang Kainan and Liu qiangdong found Softbank Saifu, while Yan Yan and Yang Dong were in Softbank Saifu. People in the investment circle said: "everyone is familiar with Yan Yan's style. His questions are straightforward and his tone is very strong. Yan Yan even directly expressed that he is not interested in and believes that has low gross profit and poor operation efficiency, which makes Liu qiangdong very unhappy." Hardware and electromechanical homepage title "Hardware and electromechanical - hardware and electromechanical industry network marketing services

Liu qiangdong believes that Yan Yan Yan's attitude is very problematic, and the talks between the two sides broke up unhappily, which is the only conversation between the two people in four years. After that, JD continued to raise money and financing, and it took six months before and after. Finally, in 2009, it announced that it had received a total of $21million from today's capital, xiongniu capital and investment banker Liang Botao private company.

this is also 2008 Since the outbreak of the financial crisis, has been very difficult to obtain the first financing for Chinese e-commerce enterprises. After obtaining this financing, accelerated the pace of expansion, and has been catching up step by step in the wave of e-commerce in China since then

investment bankers involved in the project revealed to Tencent that the investors received more than 100 times the value return. Missing this investment also made Softbank Saifu very regretful. Yan Yan even wanted to meet Liu qiangdong many times to continue to discuss investment matters

in fact, in addition to this gratitude and resentment, Yan Yan has also fired on the e-commerce industry, targeting for burning money. Recently, he commented on the media interview Liu qiangdong's report that he would rather be ashamed of not making money than stupid for making money, saying, "if you really feel ashamed, make money quickly!" In Yan Yan's previous interviews, he said many times that except for VANCL, which he invested in, e-commerce is basically dominated by deception and does not make money

Yan Yan believes that now everyone is burning money, basically the money of investors. I say that China's e-commerce platform economy has created a new model. Its main business does not make money. In fact, 3. Fixtures are the money that customers need to pay attention to earn VC and PE. But this model is not sustainable

this also made Liu qiangdong unhappy. A well-known news is that JD has been losing a lot of money, but there are still a large number of venture capitalists willing to invest. recently obtained the largest fund of DST, a Russian investment institution, of US $500million

new and old resentments made Liu qiangdong angry with Yan Yan. His words were fierce: "after reading the relevant reports of Rex lighting, I remembered that the investor (Yan Yan) announced last year that I had asked him for three times of financing and was rejected! In fact, only in 2008, hanergy investment introduced him! To say the least, even if there is something, as an investor, he should not publicly humiliate entrepreneurs!"

now, Liu qiangdong has become a leader in the domestic e-commerce industry and has enough confidence to challenge. Tang Kainan joined Gaojie capital as a partner. At the beginning, Liu haofei, the senior investment manager of hanergy, has also become the executive director of hanergy investment. Yan Yan and Yang Dong still stay in Softbank Saifu

talking about this gratitude and resentment, Tang Kainan said that he was in Hong Kong and it was inconvenient to make a statement. Liu haofei said that he was busy and didn't have time to talk about these "idle matters". Yan Yan said in his connection with Tencent technology that he was catching a plane. In Tencent technology's repeated, Yan Yan looked tired and said that he was already the chairman of a listed company, so it was inconvenient to make a statement on this

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