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Invensys for CMAC CFD

recently, Invensys signed an expansion contract with CMAC China Petroleum Co., Ltd. for the process control system and safety instrument system of D and e platforms of cfd-11 project. Since 2004, CMAC has been using the products and services provided by Invensys for four years

KMCC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kerr McGee. COMAC is a global energy and chemical company located in Oklahoma, USA. In the past 10 years, COMAC has worked closely with China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) to carry out exploration and development in the western waters of the Bohai Bay. In 2004, COMAC began its offshore oil production in the Bohai Sea, including one offshore operation ship (FPSO), six offshore operation platforms and corresponding submarine pipelines. The operation area covers nearly 100 square kilometers of sea area. The whole project will be carried out one by one in two or three years

according to the assumption of COMAC, remote control and remote i/o technology are adopted, and part of the control and i/o are arranged on the operation platform, including three unattended platforms; The production and information center of the whole sea area will be concentrated on FPSO, that is, the information of all production equipment must be transferred to the information center of FPSO, and the safety of the whole machine must be improved to realize the data transmission with the Beijing headquarters management center. The whole project faces the problem of wide geographical area (including FPSO, local platforms and Beijing headquarters), strong network coverage, and barrier free connection with third-party modbus, PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS FMS signals and other production and operation systems such as loadingcomputer system (whose performance is better than that of general radiation resistant polystyrene computersystem); In addition, for the safety needs of offshore operations, the whole control system must pass the safety certification of DNV to ensure that 3 Pressure transmission: safety of pneumatic personnel, equipment and environment

after careful research and investigation, COMAC finally chose Foxboro's i/aseries control system and Triconex's hull protection, process protection, emergency shutdown and fire and gas protection system provided by Invensys. The whole network adopts 100m switch technology, and the corresponding network topology can be given according to the geographical distribution of user platform and the principle of centralized and decentralized control room. Finally, the engineering design, software and hardware production, engineering implementation and on-site service of the whole project have passed DNV certification

cfd-11 oil platform project (phase I) successfully completed site acceptance (SAT) in July, 2004. Subsequent facts show that the oil production capacity of this platform has exceeded that of similar domestic platforms at that time, reaching 1.6 times. It is precisely because the cfd-11 platform adopts an advanced and reliable automatic control system that the oil production efficiency of the platform can be greatly improved. Invensys' excellent technology and excellent service ability have won extensive trust from COMAC. According to the needs of rapidly expanding oil production, COMAC has successively signed supply contracts for automatic control equipment on four platforms with Invensys, and signed long-term service contracts to ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of platform services

since December 2004, Invensys has sent 12 engineers to provide services for nearly 400 days for more than 40 times. These services not only include the installation and commissioning of automatic control equipment on the new platform, but also the upgrading and updating of the original automatic control system software with the development of platform oil production business. A more creative breakthrough is the new development of the original system. For example, PMS technology is used to develop the energy management system of the generator set, which solves the problem of ensuring the power consumption of key equipment in the event of an accident; It also developed the remote transmission of historical data to Beijing Oilfield Information Center to help analyze and guide the safe and efficient operation of the platform

Jimleishman, the project manager of COMAC, said, "Invensys has proved to be our trusted partner. We appreciate its products and services and thank Invensys for its contribution to the safety and continuous production of the platform."

Invensys attaches great importance to the business needs of key customers. Its continuous service and support to key customers such as COMAC comes from Invensys' customer-centered and industry-oriented marketing service model. As a global leader in automation, control and process solutions, Invensys is not a single product supplier, but a partner of customers integrating consulting, project management and engineering services. Invensys makes full use of the company's advanced technology to provide key customers with lifelong services covering the whole business life cycle, including consultation, design, construction, installation, training, maintenance, etc. to avoid accidental injury or death, and to provide continuous support and help for customers' growing business needs. Seeking a win-win partnership with customers is the long-term goal of Invensys

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