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Invisible spray pump makes perfume packaging completely transparent

as a pioneer and leader in the transparent packaging industry, rexam100% invisible spray pump can be applied to all product categories

nowadays, Rexam is familiar with all aspects of transparent technology and can control it freely, and can meet the very detailed needs of perfume manufacturers' customers for innovative packaging. Rexam dispensing systems currently adopts the principle of complete invisibility in all its spray pumps. Increase the attraction of perfume with transparency

100% transparent

? Absolute transparency makes the dreams of perfume manufacturers and customers come true. Rexam has been committed to introducing PLA (polyactic acid) into its product R & D strategy to make all nozzles that have many benefits as beautiful and elegant as possible, and always put perfume in the most important position, in addition to perfume or perfume

transparency has always been the core of Rexam's technological innovation and research and development. Now it has formed the most widely sold product in the market: - in the past decade, Rexam has replaced the traditional metal ball in its spray pump with completely colorless and transparent glass ball- The new invisible dip tube produced by Rexam was only highlighted at the "New York Luxe Pack trade show" held in April 2006, which is considered a new step towards invisible packaging. This new type of tube fully conforms to the optical characteristics such as the refractive index of light, and can completely not expose itself when in contact with perfume. At present, transparent design has been applied to all series of spray pumps of Rexam: now this invisible dip tube can be used on perfume spray pumps of each model and series (SP6, Sp7, Sp8, LPP SLPP)

why is the electronic universal testing machine suitable for all kinds of testers? Now you can use pure and transparent packaging without any restrictions. Completely colorless and transparent, Rexam has inserted a pair of wings of freedom for the pioneers who lead the design trend of new perfume

transparent packaging meets the needs of customers to transmit information: the product and the information above are ultimately for users to see. Transparent packaging can naturally and completely combine with customer image, and can make advertising information play a better effect. Transparency can not only highlight the ingredients inside, but also highlight the container itself. S é verine bourguignat chalchat, perfume sales manager of Rexam dispensing systems, said, "the completely transparent perfume spray system is now a dream come true and accessible.". The magical size adds a little softness to the pure and elegant perfume world

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