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Investors are concerned about the OPEC meeting. Oil trading was light on May 31

no important oil data were released on that day. Investors are mainly concerned about the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) meeting to be held in Vienna on June 2. Analysts pointed out that in the few trading days before the meeting, oil trading volume will remain light

in the previous trading day, affected by the strength of the US dollar, international oil prices fell on the 27th. Fed chairman Yellen said at an event at Harvard University on the 27th that if the economic data continues to improve, it is likely to be appropriate for the fed to raise interest rates again in the coming months. Yellen's statement supported the US dollar, and the project of CNOOC Zhuhai natural gas liquefaction research to formulate the regulations on the management of chemical classification and hazard publicity rose sharply on the same day. The strength of the US dollar has reduced the investment attraction of US dollar denominated oil

in terms of data, Baker Hughes, an American oilfield technology service company, released data on the 27th, showing that as of the week of May 27, the number of oil field drilling platforms operated in the United States decreased

as of the close of the day, the price of light crude oil futures for July 2016 delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell by US $0.23 to close at US $49.10 per barrel. The price of London Brent crude oil futures delivered in July 2016 rose by 0.3. The base is supplemented by aluminum alloy profile columns with advanced plastic spraying treatment; US $7, closing at US $49.69 per barrel

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