The hottest investment of RMB 500billion in Yunnan

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Yunnan's investment of 500 billion yuan will promote the development of packaging and printing industries

Yunnan will take the target completed in 2008 as the base, increase year by year at an average annual growth rate of 20% and 26%. However, when the surface temperature of the cold spot reaches 0 ℃, large industrial investment will be made. The signing of the project of comprehensive utilization of new materials of Jinneng science and technology and hydrogen energy will complete an investment of about 500 billion yuan within five years to expand, strengthen, optimize and refine different industries

in addition, Yunnan will pay close attention to the implementation of a number of key industrial projects at different levels every year on the basis of the double hundred project of key industrial projects, organize and implement about 170 projects with investment ranging from 50million yuan to more than 1billion yuan every year, control the slow response, and put forward the loan demand target of this batch of projects year by year, strive for the support of the financial sector, while screening and organizing the implementation of 100 provincial demonstration projects of industrial restructuring

in terms of specific industries, Yunnan Ming LCD universal experimental machine: it is really necessary to expand the three leading industries of tobacco, electric power and metallurgy. We should improve the industrial technology of cigarette production, constantly optimize the product structure, increase the proportion of first-class and second-class cigarettes, drive the development of tobacco machinery, packaging and printing and other supporting industries, and continue to maintain the leading development level of tobacco and supporting industries in the country; We should promote the construction of large hydropower stations, coordinate the development of thermal power, and build Yunnan into an important energy base for the national west to East power transmission; We should speed up the structural adjustment of the iron and steel industry, eliminate backward enterprises, and improve the deep processing rate of non-ferrous metals to more than 30% by 2012

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