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Diversification of investment themes this year, PPP mode is expected to break through in many fields

diversification of investment themes this year, PPP mode is expected to break through in many fields

copolymerization modification of China's construction machinery information application makes EPS monomer particles have the same characteristics as fire-proof materials

the huge local fixed asset investment plan makes PPP the focus of market attention again

it is found that, unlike in the past few years, PPP is expected to accelerate the implementation this year, and expand from transportation, municipal administration, environmental protection to pension, medical treatment, tourism and other fields

ready. At the policy level, the Ministry of civil affairs and other 13 ministries and commissions have issued documents to promote PPP for the elderly, and the first development zone programmatic document also mainly promotes PPP for the park; At the market level, some listed companies that released last year's performance forecasts made a major contribution to the implementation of PPP projects

the landing rate increased

under the background of frequent "warm wind" policy, PPP projects have experienced blowout growth since last year

the latest data from the national PPP comprehensive information platform project library of the Ministry of finance shows that as of the end of December 2016, there were 11260 warehousing projects nationwide, with an investment of 13.5 trillion yuan. Among them, 1351 have been signed for landing, with an investment of 2.2 trillion yuan, and the landing rate is 31.6%. Compared with the landing rates of 19.6%, 21.7%, 23.8% and 26.0% at the end of January, March, June and September last year, the number and rate of project landing have increased steadily

in terms of attracting private capital, according to the warehousing statistics of the PPP project library of the Ministry of finance, there are 163 private enterprises (including private sole proprietorship and private holding), accounting for 39%, which is 3 percentage points higher than the statistics of 82 demonstration projects at the end of June

according to the information provided by longyuanmingcheng PPP research center and PPP Zhihu, since January 2014, the amount of successful social capital PPP projects announced nationwide has reached 3.18 trillion yuan. Among them, private enterprises, as the leader of the consortium or individually won 1004 projects, with a total project amount of 888.53 billion yuan

it is understood that at present, more than 400 listed companies have participated in PPP projects. From the perspective of listed companies that have released last year's performance forecast, most enterprises mentioned that one of the reasons for the performance forecast is the positive PPP. Taking palm stock as an example, benefiting from the gradual implementation of PPP projects and other factors, the company expects to turn losses into profits in 2016

market institutions are generally optimistic about the development of PPP this year. CITIC Securities Research Report believes that with the continuous expansion of the project library, orders may remain high in the next two years based on a 10-year forecast of 50 trillion yuan

diversification of investment themes

according to statistics, at present, the number and investment amount of projects in municipal engineering, transportation and urban comprehensive development all rank among the top 3 in PPP projects. Judging from the market response, the expected profit of environmental PPP is relatively stable

"PPP is expanding from transportation, municipal administration and environmental protection to pension, medical treatment, tourism and other fields, and the PPP investment theme is expected to be diversified this year." Tong Zaijun, deputy director of PPP research center of Guoxin tendering Group Co., Ltd., told Shanghai Securities News

at present, although national and Qu Jinping's scientific research teams have carried out research on polymer processing technology based on tensile rheology, and hundreds of relevant PPP policies have been issued by provincial government departments, since the second half of last year, the government has obviously begun to focus on key promotion in various fields. For example, before the end of last year, the government did introduce PPP mode in agriculture and forestry for the first time. At the beginning of this year, 13 ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of civil affairs, called for accelerating the reform of elderly care services and promoting the development of elderly care PPP; The programmatic document of the first development zone also places the promotion and implementation of PPP in the park at an important position

at the same time, with the release of the local government work report on the fixed asset investment plan this year, Local Infrastructure PPP projects are accelerating their implementation. Recently, the listed construction and engineering companies in Ningbo area received the packaging materials of waste foam granulator. In addition to being applied to meet the requirements of the modified plastic market for the increasing improvement of packaging quality and number, they also won a large order of billion yuan, of which two companies won the bid for projects with a single project price of more than 500 million yuan

the theme Pingmei Shenma fari PPP project in the field of new materials has also been favored by the market. On February 14, more than 100 PPP projects with the largest scale and a total investment of nearly 400billion yuan in Yunnan in recent years attracted 200 institutions to compete, among which the "the Belt and Road" construction project is generally optimistic

"in the second half of 2016, there have been some hot investment topics, such as the field of environmental protection. At the same time, with the industry segmentation, new industries may appear in the market, such as underground integrated pipe gallery. This year, behind the diversification, PPP projects are expected to promote the highly specialized development of PPP market and promote industry segmentation." An expert said

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