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Recently, the price of domestic chemical fiber products has continued to decline

recently, the price of most domestic chemical fiber products has declined to varying degrees. For example, cotton pulp, viscose staple fiber, caprolactam, acrylonitrile, nylon chips, nylon FDY and other products. In fact, the price of viscose staple fiber fell to 21300 yuan/ton last week; Caprolactam has decreased to 26300 yuan/ton; Nylon chips have dropped to 28700 yuan/ton; Nylon FDY has dropped to 33600 yuan/ton

lijianan, a researcher in the chemical industry of CIC consulting, believes that the decline in the price of chemical fiber products is mainly affected by the decline in cotton prices and the sluggish downstream demand. This year, domestic cotton plummeted. A few days ago, Zheng Mian's 1109 contract has dropped from the high price of 4870 yuan/ton to about 25220 yuan/ton, which has improved the flexibility of the experimental machine operation from the design of the previous three tension booster pumps, and has fallen by about 30% in the past three months. Affected by this, the demand for chemical fiber products that have a certain substitution effect with cotton will decrease, and their prices will decline

the report on investment analysis and Prospect Forecast of China's chemical fiber industry in released by CIC consultants shows that there is a certain substitution relationship between cotton and polyester staple fiber. Generally speaking, if the price of cotton is more than 20% higher than that of polyester staple fiber, some enterprises will increase the demand for polyester staple fiber; If the price of cotton is less than 10% higher than that of polyester staple fiber, some enterprises will increase the demand for cotton

lijianan also pointed out that in addition to the decline in cotton prices, the arrival of the off-season of textile demand will also further reduce the prices of domestic chemical fiber products. Generally, in the off-season of textile demand, textile manufacturers have relatively few orders, which will reduce the market demand for chemical fiber products, thus causing the price of chemical fiber products to decline

ZhangYanlin, research director of CIC, also pointed out that the current is a low season for downstream demand, and textile orders have decreased; Moreover, high raw material prices, rising labor costs and the appreciation of RMB have also brought greater cost pressure to textile manufacturers. Therefore, affected by the rising cost and the sluggish market demand, the economic benefits of the safety and reliability of experimental equipment in textile production enterprises are not good. At present, most domestic textile manufacturers take a wait-and-see attitude towards the purchase of upstream raw materials, which greatly reduces the market demand for domestic chemical fiber products in the near future, resulting in the continuous decline in the price of chemical fiber products

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