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Due to the strong sales, precision extrusion technology can meet the needs of high-precision processing. Precision extrusion molding can avoid the need for follow-up processing. The headquarters of meguire Products Asia Ltd. moved to a new location, and the area of the new location is double that of the original location. Singapore, April 24, 2009: the headquarters of Maguire Products Asia Pte Ltd. moved to a new location, and the area of the new location is nearly twice that of the original location used by the company five years ago. According to Hubert nerlich, managing director of meguire Asia, in response to the headquarters' relocation, the company's sales volume in Asia in 2008 increased by 40% compared with that in 2007, and India alone increased by 100%

hubert nerlich, managing director of Meguiar Asia

the new headquarters of Meguiar Asia is a new building of 925 square meters. It is very convenient to go to Changi International Airport in Singapore. In addition to the sales and technical service departments, the new headquarters also provides storage sites for mechanical equipment and accessories that are nearly 20 times as full as steel, as well as demonstration sites for mixers, dryers, feeders and centralized raw material handling systems

nerlich pointed out that after launching the new headquarters, Meguiar Asia can meet the rapidly increasing demand for new products and further promote strong sales growth. He said: "since its opening five years ago, meguire Asia has introduced a number of unique equipment systems in Asia to help manufacturers simplify raw material management, improve the accuracy of ingredients, save raw materials and reduce energy consumption. Therefore, even if the current economic downturn, we are still very optimistic in the long run."

nerlich pointed out that in the past 18 months, meguiq has introduced a special intellip for PET resin that saves space and energy. It often replaces the sample et dryer, novadrier diaphragm dryer that does not use desiccant, novawheel wheel dryer, low-cost MGF gravity masterbatch feeder, transparent and easy to operate glassvu feeder, and flexmaster control system that can easily expand the processing capacity of raw material conveying system

in addition to these products ldquo; At present, the global gap of high-performance copper alloy functional new materials is more than 4million tons. Meiqui Asia also provides a complete set of equipment systems with a long history, such as high-precision automatic calibration gravity metering mixer; LPD vacuum resin dryer with fast drying speed and energy saving; The extrusion yield control software LINEMASTER for the mixer

Meguiar Asia is a subsidiary of Meguiar Products Co., Ltd., headquartered in Singapore, and operates five offices in China through Meguiar Machinery Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (general manager Guo Wei). The company sells through agents in other Asian countries. For the contact information of the agent, see:

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