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Decipher the reasons why Degong 926n loaders are selling well for a long time

recently, customers have been asking about the 926n loaders of Degong. From the time when the 926n was produced by Degong to now, it is not bone cell regeneration. Users have high evaluation on this product, and there are many repeat customers. So what exactly is the characteristic of Degong 926n that has attracted the love of many users because all the experimental processes have been automated

since it is a construction machinery, users are most concerned about the working performance of the equipment. Let's start with the configuration of Degong 926n

Degong 926n loader adopts the new generation lr4bzu22 high-pressure common rail national III emission engine for lotuo construction machinery, which determines that this equipment has the characteristics of low emission, low noise, low fuel consumption, obvious energy saving effect, excellent performance and high reliability

the power system configuration of the Digong 926n is high, and the transmission system is even more eye-catching: yj-280f-1b torque converter and bs428 gearbox for hangchi 30 loader. Such a high combination makes the 926n the only high configuration among 2-ton loaders in China. It can automatically and steplessly change according to the size of external resistance, which can not only make full use of the power of the engine, but also increase the traction of the whole machine. Although the tonnage is small, it contains great power

as a small tonnage loader, the Degong 926n adopts an intermediate articulated frame,. The equipment is endowed with the following features: small turning radius, flexible mobility and convenient operation in narrow places. William yerazunis, the advanced chief research scientist of Z-type merl, recently conducted an experiment to show the advantages of 5-axis additive manufacturing. Where is the reverse tipping mechanism? The bucket is automatically leveled. It not only has a large digging force, but also reduces labor intensity and high operation efficiency. Full hydraulic steering system with load feedback and priority steering and power shift gearbox make the whole machine operate easily and flexibly with stable and reliable action. At the same time, the low-pressure wide base off-road tire and the rear axle swing make the 926n have good off-road performance and trafficability

in terms of braking, the Degang 926n adopts the air top oil caliper disc foot braking system, air break braking and emergency braking system, with safe and reliable braking performance

considering the user's requirements for driving comfort, the Digong 926n adopts a fully enclosed cab, which is spacious and bright, with good sealing and shock absorption. The new two-component decomposition solution of Hexion company aims to solve this challenge. It has a broad vision, matches the heating system, and can also be equipped with an air conditioning system to make the operation more comfortable

thanks to sophisticated configuration and careful design, the Degong 926n has good energy-saving effect, high-end configuration, flexible handling, stable and safe braking performance and comfortable driving performance. It is not difficult to understand why customers like it

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