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Why can a Chinese policy help a 100 year old paper mill in the United States come back from the dead

a 100 year old paper mill in Wisconsin, USA, was originally closed in 2017 due to the reduction in demand for coated paper, but later came back to life. Now half of the 600 employees who were laid off when the factory was closed have returned to the factory. This unexpected development stems from two forces: e-commerce and China's ban on "foreign garbage"

in the United States, for example, the paper factory for PTFE weaving and processing was forced to close down in, and later was purchased by its peers and converted to paperboard. According to American media reports, if the paper factory was established in 1889 with improper oil use, its ownership changed hands many times. In the summer of 2017, it announced that it would close down because its main product was coated paper. However, the print advertising industry, which used coated paper a lot, moved its business to the Internet and its demand continued to decrease

this news shocked the local people at that time, because the paper mill used to shut down for less than a week except for routine maintenance, and even did not shut down during the two world wars

in September of that year, a company named Midwest paper group bought the factory. Considering the upsurge of carton industry brought by retailers, it decided to increase equipment, change the main product to cardboard and continue to operate

paper mills welcome the good again: China's ban on foreign garbage has caused the price of raw materials to plummet

by 2018, China has implemented an import ban on "foreign garbage", which has caused chaos in household garbage recycling plans across the United States and forced some communities to bury or incinerate the originally recycled garbage, but it is good for American paper companies

they now obtain a large number of used cardboard originally exported to China, and the price of this key raw material is 70% cheaper than a year ago

strick, an employee who has worked in this century old paper mill in Weizhou for more than 40 years, said: "the future is the world of cardboard." Strick was laid off in 2017. Now he has returned to the original factory as a maintenance supervisor. His father and grandfather worked in the factory

now, the 600 employees who were dismissed when the factory was shut down should be removed in time. Half of the boom length needs to be adjusted. Although the reduction of benefits and the shortage of posts have forced many people to hold several jobs, even the trade union would rather give in than see the paper factory shut down

pitzsteik, President of Midwest Paper Group, said, "no one will be shocked if the paper mill is closed now", "but what is shocking is that the closed paper mill is operating again"

in the final analysis, there is also a certain element of "luck". First, the rise of e-commerce has changed to cardboard. Second, the price of raw materials has fallen sharply due to China's ban on "foreign garbage"

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