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The fabric art of Tupli wallpaper "plantain language" is a new seamless wallpaper version launched by Tupli wallpaper. It adopts natural design elements such as plantain leaves and leaves, presenting a retro beauty in the natural style, and returning the interior decoration to its original nature

"plantain language" is a new seamless wall fabric version launched by tupley wallpapers. It contains 12 patterns, 38 colors, and an antique natural style. It adopts natural design elements such as plantain leaves and leaves, combined with antique elegant and leisurely colors, presenting a retro beauty in the natural style, so that the interior decoration can return to nature

basic product information

1. Style: natural style

2. Code: QC series

3. Specification: height -2.85m/2.9m, length customized

4. Grade: Level 1

5. Material: made of non-woven composite processing with surface textile materials as the carrier

6. Process technology: high precision, colored woven fabric

7. Product features:

(1) seamless pasting: according to the perimeter of the room.Cut and paste one wall with a whole piece of wall cloth, Overall construction, more beautiful without splicing

(2) health and environmental protection: fabric fiber textile cloth is used as raw material, and the test data fully meet the indoor decoration test requirements after monitoring by the National Testing Center

(3) noise reduction: the weaving texture on the surface is strong, and the coating or non-woven composite technology is adopted on the back, so as to have the effects of fast sound dispersion, low echo, sound absorption, silencing and sound insulation

(4) breathable and moisture-proof: the rich micro pores on the surface of the fabric can completely eliminate the moisture of the wall, so mildew, rot and other phenomena will not occur under normal climatic conditions

(5) wear resistance and wall crack resistance: long thread fabric is used to enhance wear resistance and tear resistance, and play a super protective role on the wall

(6) maintenance: the product has been treated with three Proofs (waterproof, oil proof and antifouling). Ordinary dirt can be directly cleaned with a feather duster, and stubborn stains can be wiped with a wet towel

(7) the secondary decoration can be stripped as a whole

(8) ten ring certified products

8. Decoration Collocation: mainly natural and simple home decoration

banana language

autumn wind, rain and

three or two nests outside the curtain

1 Plantain language · plantain night language

plantain is a kind of large and wide leaves

like a giant sunshade

can be seen everywhere in many southern cities in China

it is a natural shelter tool

the wind is silent at night, and the moon is brighter

the rain hits plantain to the third watch

it is a night that does not know the rain but smells the rain



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2 "Plantain language" · tropical rain forest

growth is the rise of everything from the ground up and straight up

flourishes in the concern of sunshine and rain

everything in the world goes with time

what does not change is the memory of the old days

every time you go back and forth, you will be intoxicated



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3 Banana language ·The dance of the moon shadow

thinking is the messenger of the night

making the harbor of the dream become so familiar

turning around may be a lifetime

but looking back in the dream is a lot of encounters

the throbbing of the heart is the dancer of the moon night

dare not touch the thorn at the bottom of the heart

facing the stinging sun, we can only walk slowly



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4 Banana language · mottled leaf shadow

mottled is the memory on the wall

layers of hourglass of time walk alone

retro breath is the waltz of the 1970s

the brightly lit streets and lanes reflect the shadow of rainy days

I never knew it was a drunken person



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5 "Plantain language" · encounter pezley

pezley pattern implies auspiciousness, beauty and continuity

with delicate, complex and gorgeous artistic features

has become the world's best selection pattern

simple in complexity

a delicate beauty presentation

another kind of exotic style


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6 "Plantain language" · simple leaves

leaves always give people a sense of fresh and quiet

like the artistic conception of a Book

the quiet free time in that corner

is the time when wandering in the endless fantasy of orchids

it is so difficult to find a pure land in life

cherishing every inch of time is gratitude and treasure for life...


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7 Banana language · no trace after rain

rainy days are the days many people look forward to

no sunshine, no westerly wind

it is a season to listen to the sound of rain

it is particularly quiet on rainy nights

as if to listen to the sound of rain




construction steps and precautions

tep the seamless wallcoverings introduced by Li wallpaper are all cold adhesive wallcoverings, and the construction technology is mature, The operation is flexible. If the wall cloth is found to be skewed and unequal, it can be pasted again. No heating is required during construction, so the service life is longer

1. Construction steps

in case of internal corners during construction, it is better to cut the wall cloth at the internal corners

step 1: check whether the wall meets the construction requirements, pay attention to the height of the wall, measure the length of the wall cloth, align the flowers, measure the perimeter between the internal corners, and leave a little extra cloth

step 2: look at the room shape before construction, check whether the wall cloth has quality problems, whether the products are sufficient, and if replenishment is required, check whether there are the same batch of products

step 3: strong and environmentally friendly wall cloth adhesive must be used to evenly brush the wall surface, and the wall cloth must not be soaked before pasting

step 4: from left to right, evenly position and synchronously unfold the wall cloth according to the positioning speed. The edge seam must be firmly pressed with a pressure roller until the whole room is seamlessly closed

step 5: cut out the positions of windows, doors, switches and air conditioning ports, and the construction cutting environment should be clean. Pay attention to the flowers when cutting

step 6: deal with the internal and external corners, first make the internal corners, hold the internal corners with a large scraper on the left hand to position, and scrape down with a large scraper on the right hand to the bottom. Press the external corners with a special iron to make the edges and corners of the wall clear

step 7: press the plane evenly with a large scraper, and finally apply glass glue to the corners

step 8: check after the construction is completed. If there are bubbles and hollows, press them again to ensure the construction quality

2. Precautions

first, please carefully check the model, pattern and meter number before construction on the wall

the second seamless wall cloth is a piece of cloth on one wall, which can be cut at the inner corner and cannot be folded

third, please use high-quality glutinous rice glue. Don't mix too much water. Stick it on the wall after the glue on the wall is half dry to prevent glue penetration caused by too thin glue

after the fourth wall is put on, stick one wall, check one wall, and use a brush to construct. If there is a problem, stop the construction, take photos and contact the manufacturer

fifth, please close the doors and windows after the construction is completed. Do not ventilate and avoid the shrinkage of the wall cloth

Please note to the construction master:

if you find any problems during the construction process, please stop the construction immediately and take photos to keep

everlasting longing for each other

-- Li Yu

Yun Yizhen (W ō), Yu Yisuo

light shirt thin Luo

light frown double Dai Luo

autumn wind is much, rain phase and

banana three or two nests outside the curtain

how do people grow at night

(source of image and text: tepri wallpaper, invasion and deletion)




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