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Seven aspects that should be paid attention to in winter decoration

many people think that winter is not suitable for decoration, because there are many inconvenient reasons, such as dry climate, poor ventilation and heavy dust. These troubles caused by special seasons make people afraid that winter decoration will affect the construction quality. In fact, northern winter home decoration has incomparable advantages over other seasons

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the indoor air is dry in winter, the paint dries faster, reduces the adsorption of dust particles in the air, and has good color, quality and other effects. In addition, the moisture content in the wood has also reached the lowest point in a year. At this time, the decoration can basically eliminate the phenomenon of cracking and deformation. Therefore, as long as the problems prone to occur in winter are technically controlled, the quality of interior decoration projects will not be affected

in winter decoration, the following seven aspects should be paid attention to:

first, continuous ventilation should be carried out for at least 7 days after decoration in winter. After a large number of furniture, carpets and fabrics are placed in the room, they should be left vacant for a few days and then checked in after ventilation, so as to avoid the centralized volatilization of a large number of harmful substances and pollution of the environment. All furniture should be opened and left vacant for a few days before hanging clothes

second, the ventilation method of opening large windows on the south side and small windows on the north side should be adopted for room ventilation, and the indoor temperature and ventilation volume should be reasonably controlled, and strong ventilation should not be adopted

third, the kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans and kitchen smoking machines can be turned on appropriately to enhance the indoor ventilation

IV. use air humidifier to humidify the indoor air, or place clear water containers on the indoor heating to humidify and keep the indoor air moist

v. try to use detergent with surfactant as the main component to wipe and clean the traces of interior decoration, and do not use highly volatile solvents such as gasoline, alcohol, etc

VI. the wooden floor should be waxed once a week or every two weeks. It should not be waxed frequently. It is OK to mop it with a wet soft cloth every day

VII. Properly place green plants indoors





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