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Before the Spring Festival every year, there is a period of concentrated delivery of houses. Many owners are eager to decorate their houses after receiving them, but at this time, they are likely to face various problems of cross year decoration. Xie Gong, a project manager who has been engaged in home decoration construction for nearly 20 years, said that the cross year decoration will affect many aspects, including decoration design, cost, progress, specific construction quality and so on, because it needs to be stopped for a period of time. Therefore, owners who urgently need decoration need to weigh and choose from many aspects and make reasonable planning to make appropriate decisions

◆ obvious disadvantages: it may lead to work stoppage, quality, service and other problems

according to the traditional practice, before the Spring Festival is the peak decoration season, and the owners hope to live in the new house as soon as possible. At this time, the decoration company is busy. As the Spring Festival approaches, decoration workers who work outside will generally return to their hometown in advance for the new year, and decoration companies will generally take a holiday in advance before the new year. At this time, the unfinished decoration project will enter the shutdown stage, and the construction will be resumed after the Spring Festival, usually after the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month. Therefore, the New Year decoration is generally divided into three stages: construction before the new year, suspension during the Spring Festival and resumption after the festival

in order to avoid the decoration of the new year, many owners do not hesitate to wait until after the new year to start construction and postpone the time of entering the new house. Manager Chen, head of the Engineering Department of a home decoration company, said that those owners who have chosen to decorate in the new year actually have many concerns. The first problem is the long construction period. The construction period of cross year decoration is generally about 20 days longer than the normal construction period. Many owners feel that the construction period is too long, resulting in more expenses in terms of rent and so on. Moreover, during the festival, the construction site is easy to have safety accidents because it is unattended, so the owner also has to worry about the situation of the site. Secondly, the temperature is low in winter, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction is large during construction, which makes the construction more difficult. At this time, it is difficult to ensure the quality of home decoration projects. Of course, some owners will also worry that because the workers have to return home in advance, in order to catch up with the project, the construction effect may be relatively rough, and the staff will be busy until the new year, and the service will be discounted

◆ there are many advantages: slow work and fine work. The price of New Year decoration is more affordable.

it is understood that in the past, some owners who got the house often avoided the New Year decoration, but in the past two years, many owners chose the new year decoration. The advantages of New Year decoration itself are still relatively obvious. In order to attract business, home decoration companies and building materials manufacturers will increase the preferential discounts of New Year decoration projects. Master Li, the project manager of an independent construction unit, said that as long as sufficient preparations are made, it is not difficult to meet the requirements of the New Year decoration. Let the owners understand some advantages of the New Year decoration, most of them are still willing to choose the New Year decoration

according to master Li, the New Year decoration should be more affordable in terms of price. Decoration companies generally offer discounts to promote orders. At the end of the year, many building materials manufacturers will discount and promote building materials in order to clear their inventory. At this time, owners can directly invite a knowledgeable person to the building materials market to help select the main materials they need, which can save a lot of costs. Although it seems that the New Year decoration is not suitable for decoration in winter, it is conducive to exposing construction problems. The renovation of water and electricity and woodworking are the first parts of the decoration. Completing these projects before the festival and going through a period of time will help expose the potential hidden problems, such as the expansion and deformation of woodworking materials. After the festival, if you find any deficiencies, you can quickly carry out the next step of construction by adjusting the problems. In addition to water and electricity, it is also conducive to the volatilization of wood moisture

because most of the decoration materials for the New Year decoration are placed indoors for a longer time than normal, it is conducive to the full evaporation of water in the wood, and the wood is not easy to crack and deform. After the new year, the weather gradually warms up, and the air circulation is good, which can ensure the indoor dryness and help maintain the performance of the decoration materials. At this time, painting can keep the paint film full. Because of the long time span, it means that slow work leads to fine work, which reduces the tension of the rush period, which can further improve many details




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