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Chen Li

like common consumer loans, decoration loans have options of mortgage and unsecured loans, and small decoration loans can also choose credit cards. As for different decoration loans, if they are successfully applied for, we still need to see what precautions they have

1. Unsecured decoration loan

the amount of unsecured credit consumer loan is not high, but the application conditions are relatively simple. As long as the individual has a stable job, has good repayment ability, and the work unit can provide income proof that the individual has good credit, you can apply to the bank

2. Mortgage housing loan

if the house for which the mortgage loan is being exchanged is used as collateral, the homeowner needs to provide a property ownership certificate and the property has loan space. For example, if a house only allows 70% of the loan (or 80% of the loan) at most, and there is still 40% of the mortgage loan, you can borrow another 40% of the consumer loan, which can be subject to the requirements of each bank

3. Credit card installment business

if you want to apply for credit card installment business and apply for decoration loans, you often have certain requirements for the applicant's occupation, such as civil servants, teachers, bank employees, enterprise executives, etc., in addition to requiring individuals to have repayment ability and good credit. At the same time, the amount of credit card installment loans is high

required materials:

ID card, residence certificate, work certificate, income certificate, loan purpose and other basic materials required for centralized application. If it is a consumer loan applied for with a house mortgage, it also needs to provide a house property right certificate




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