Why are sliding door closets so popular

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The wardrobe door is divided into two types according to the opening method: sliding door and flat door. When shopping for wardrobes, many consumers will give priority to the sliding door wardrobe,

the wardrobe door is divided into two types according to the opening method: sliding door and flat door. Many consumers will give priority to sliding door wardrobes when shopping for wardrobes, so why are sliding door wardrobes so popular? What are its characteristics? Let's get to know

sliding door wardrobe, also known as sliding door wardrobe, is popular because it is light and integral, gives people a simple and lively feeling, and saves space. It is generally suitable for small house types with small areas

the characteristics of sliding door are:

1, saving space. Because it uses sliding doors, it does not occupy a space, so the space utilization rate is greatly improved, and it has an absolute advantage in the relatively narrow bedroom

2. Compared with the flush door wardrobe, the sliding door wardrobe will make the bedroom more light and convenient. The most important thing is that it can be directly and naturally embedded in the wall, with a sense of integrity. The wall and the wardrobe door are at the same level, which is unified and neat. It facilitates the space utilization of the room, and its reasonable push-pull design meets the compact order and rhythm of modern life

3. Durable and practical. When the switch of the sliding door wardrobe is closed, the shock to the overall wardrobe is small, and the weight of the overall wardrobe body will also be reduced. In other words, the damage will also be minimized. The sliding door wardrobe has a low sound when the switch is closed, does not occupy the walls on both sides, and has a long service life. It is suitable for all kinds of high, medium and low-grade decorative doors

4. Many shapes and styles. Sliding doors are suitable for wardrobes decorated in various styles, such as European style and Chinese style, and there is no abrupt feeling. At the same time, it can also be matched with a variety of patterns, whether it is shutter shape, European classical patterns, Chinese traditional patterns are not a problem, giving you a diversified bedroom

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