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When it comes to franchised chains, we have to mention foreign fast-food chain business models. Take the well-known McDonald's and KFC as examples, with more than 2200 and 4800 chain stores in China respectively.

when it comes to franchised chains, we have to mention foreign fast-food chain business models. Take the well-known McDonald's and KFC as examples, with more than 2200 and 4800 chain stores in China respectively, This franchise chain management concept has also become one of the most important channels for big brands in various industries in China to expand market share. This is especially true in the wardrobe industry. Compared with such a high-risk venture as starting from scratch, choosing wardrobe brands to join is naturally a more rational way of investment and entrepreneurship. However, joining does not mean zero risk. There are various reasons for the failure of investment and entrepreneurship. Below, Xiaobian summarizes the seven keys of wardrobe joining chain. Investors and entrepreneurs who are interested in becoming wardrobe joining chain should pay attention to it before they can refuse to fail

I. franchise awareness

many people think that making wardrobe franchise chain investment is simply investing in projects. With the model market and marketing model provided by brand merchants, they can completely rely on franchise brands and lie down to make money. Such a sense of joining is not desirable. To do the wardrobe joining chain business is not only investment, but also entrepreneurship. Franchisees need to have a positive career mentality, with the help of brand influence and franchise support, and work hard in the terminal market in order to win the market

II. Brand selection

many franchisees sign up in a hurry because they are eager to start a business without fully understanding the franchised brand. Thinking of future problems, the brand headquarters will help solve them. The consequence of doing so is that franchisees often don't get the expected support and assistance after opening the store, and eventually accumulate contradictions and break up with brands. Therefore, as a wardrobe franchise chain, franchisees should remember to understand the background, strength and franchise policy of the franchise brand, so as to better win-win market with the brand in the future

III. capital preparation

as a wardrobe franchise chain, the franchise fees of various brands vary. For example, Deville whole house customization will provide franchisees with decoration subsidies, advertising subsidies, personnel support and other franchising policies, but for franchisees, they still need to prepare the first relatively sufficient funds for venture capital, so as to avoid running around and having no time to operate in order to raise funds in the future

IV. business philosophy

many investors and entrepreneurs have their own set of ideas about business models, which is easy to fall into a misunderstanding: they originally hoped to use the experience and strength of big brands to open the market, but when they operated and managed wardrobe stores, they only did according to their own ideas, completely ignoring the market strategy of joining brands, which is easy to produce differences. Therefore, when choosing franchise brands, in addition to understanding the values of corporate brands, we also need to clearly understand that franchisees and brands are a community of commercial interests, and winning the terminal market is inseparable from the cooperation and efforts of both sides

v. focus on business

to do the wardrobe franchise chain business, franchisees need to focus on the whole process. Some investment entrepreneurs are involved in multiple projects at the same time. If there is a problem with one of the projects, it will often affect other investment projects, and there will be difficulties in capital turnover, so as to consider one thing and lose the other

in a word, to operate the wardrobe franchise business, franchisees need to think more and work harder, and actively work with brand merchants to win the terminal market

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