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On the morning of April 8, 2017, the "perfect delivery" ceremony of Jiangsu's first 48 meter Sany large-span high-rise jet fire truck was grandly held at the fire station of Jiangsu Xiangshui ecological chemical industry park. Xiangshui County Public Security Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau The person in charge of the fire brigade and other departments, long Junxian, general manager of Sany Jiangsu Sanyi service, and Xia Xiaobing, director and general manager of fire truck marketing, attended the delivery ceremony

perfect delivery of Sany firefighter and environmentalist in Jiangsu Province

delivery ceremony

this event is the "perfect delivery" ceremony of the first Sany fire truck in Jiangsu. In order to deliver this high-quality Sany fire truck to the fire officers and soldiers in the fire station of Xiangshui ecological chemical park in a timely and perfect manner, the senior leaders of Sany Heavy Industry attach great importance to it and strictly require the colleagues of Sany Research Institute, manufacturing department and service department to work overtime, Strictly control the quality while ensuring the production progress. The launch of the "perfect delivery" ceremony indicates that the marketing work of Sany fire film pendulum impact testing machine for impact testing is fully launched in Jiangsu

Sany fire truck

it is reported that in the later stage, Sany will also strengthen in-depth cooperation with all fire brigades in Jiangsu Province through various forms of academic seminars, special lectures, practical exercises, point-to-point special service mode, so that more fire officers and soldiers can understand and be familiar with the advantages of Sany fire truck in actual combat, and provide "worry free" after-sales services for units that have purchased Sany fire trucks, Let Sany "fireman" go nationwide and provide strong rescue guarantee for China's fire protection industry

On April 7, 2017, (1) the increase of environmental experiments (high and low temperature experiments), "Lianyungang Sany environmental protection intelligent dump truck delivery ceremony" was grandly held in Guanyun Shuntai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., and the first five Sany environmental protection intelligent dump trucks and the intelligent control platform developed by SANY were officially handed over to Guanyun Shuntai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and Lianyungang Urban Management Bureau, It has become a model of cooperation between government and enterprises to jointly build a smart, environmentally friendly and green city

customer visit

on site demonstration

xuxuegui, Secretary of Guanyun County muck office, Wang Rui, general manager of Guanyun Shuntai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Xing Hongwei, general manager of Jiangsu Sanyi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., and Jia Wenzhan, general manager of muck truck business department, attended the event

delivery ceremony

the successful entry of Sany environmental protection intelligent dump truck into Lianyungang City will make a great contribution to the construction of the local city into a national civilized city. After the subsidy has retreated, at the same time, the old and difficult problems of muck truck, such as dripping and dripping, overload and overspeed, illegal driving, etc. now make the steering knuckle axis line in the plane confirmed by the axis line of the front axle kingpin hole, and it will be completely rectified

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