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Full fire: Shantui with heavy products made a wonderful appearance at Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition

full fire: Shantui with heavy products made a wonderful appearance at Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition

China Construction machinery information

on May, 2019, the "2019 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition" (cicee) with the theme of "nearly all metal materials intelligent new generation construction machinery" opened at Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, More than 1150 world leading construction machinery enterprises participated in the global heavy industry event, which is expected to attract 150000 professional visitors to observe the latest scientific research technology in the industry

As one of the leading enterprises in the domestic construction machinery industry, Shantui has opened a 520 ㎡ booth (Booth No. S10) in the outdoor S1 venue, carrying the new generation dh17c2 full hydraulic bulldozer, the king of all-round working conditions sr22ma and the king of energy-saving compaction sr20ma roller, "Xiaoxiang heavy load version" l58-c3 and "smart version" l53-c3 loaders, as well as sew, sew Se245lc-9 excavator, including 4 major models and 8 products, launched a full-scale attack, and used the digital mode to show the highlights and advantages of the new products at the exhibition site, so that the audience can more intuitively experience the leading performance of the new products of Shantui

Shantui outdoor booth S1 exhibition hall S10

intelligent matching new products "intelligent elements" are full

we continue to strengthen the cultivation of talents to connect with the new era. Intelligence has become a "label" leading the reform of manufacturing industry, including the construction machinery industry. Shantui has always been innovating in product research and development. It has already formulated an intelligent + interconnected R & D intelligent manufacturing mode, introducing the concept of "wisdom" into product development, integrating digital technology and intelligent technology into new product introduction, and improving the reliability of products through product production, R & D and manufacturing links

this exhibition shows 8 new products, all of which embody multiple "smart elements" of technological upgrading. Among them, the core advantage of the new generation of dh17c2 full hydraulic bulldozer is that it can realize the intelligent matching of the whole machine. By configuring the newly upgraded 217 HP Weichai guoiii electric control engine, the whole machine has surging power, and also provides three operation modes of heavy load, medium load and light load; The hydraulic system integrates the latest hydrostatic drive control technology and intelligently matches the working load in real time. On the premise of maintaining high productivity, the fuel consumption is reduced by 22% year-on-year. At the same time, the new generation of dh17c2 full hydraulic bulldozer brings comfortable driving experience to the operator with advanced human-computer interaction technology

the new generation of dh17c2 full hydraulic bulldozer

and the three excavators - all-round champion sew, ACE product sew, heavy-duty sharp weapon se245lc-9, can meet the needs of different working conditions from light to heavy load. They all use the most advanced engine in China, the world's top hydraulic parts, equipped with self-developed electronic control system, which is efficient, energy-saving, durable, and can bring customers a value-added experience

Shantui excavator

personalized demand value experience of "high and low, fast and cool"

for the requirements of Hunan loading operation conditions, Shantui also brought "Xiaoxiang heavy-duty version" l58-c3 and "Xiaoxiang smart version" l53-c3 loaders in this exhibition, paying attention to customers' personalized needs, providing exclusive configuration solutions, and realizing the characteristics of "high and low, fast and cool" through fast and satisfactory services, so that users can save their heart and rest assured

Shantui Xiaoxiang customized loader

high reliability and high transmission efficiency

low - low fuel consumption and maintenance cost

fast - fast demand response and fault diagnosis

full - there are many optional layouts and configurations

cool - comfortable driving environment and convenient maintenance

among them, the l58-c3 Xiaoxiang heavy-duty loader is matched with Weichai WP10 national III electronic control engine, and the reinforced heavy-duty frame is carried out in the workshop after processing; The enhanced bucket and boom are suitable for heavy-duty loading and unloading in Hunan; The l53-c3 Xiaoxiang smart loader is equipped with Weichai WP10 national III electric control engine, with a wheelbase of 2920mm, front hinged, flexible and efficient steering. It is suitable for the shoveling, loading and unloading of loose materials in Hunan and the operation of small and medium-sized mixing plants with narrow sites

in addition, the two rollers on display this time, the king of all-round working conditions sr22ma and the king of energy-saving compaction sr20ma, are the flagship products of the Shantui heavy roller series, with high configurations, reasonable system matching, reliable performance and high fuel economy

Shantui large tonnage roller

over the years, Shantui has continued to work intensively in the field of construction machinery. Through product driving and multi-channel layout of service points, it strives to become the enterprise that pays the most attention to customers' personalized needs and customer service in the industry. While maintaining the pacesetter in the "bulldozer" industry, we will continue to enrich our product lines and comprehensively start the multi line development of road machinery, loaders, concrete equipment and excavators

this exhibition, coming to Shantui, you will definitely have a worthwhile trip

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