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The catastrophic fire in Shanghai has promoted the healthy development of polyurethane thermal insulation materials

recently, a catastrophic fire occurred in Shanghai. The analysis of the development of China's plastic granulator industry for thermal insulation materials has once again reached the forefront of public opinion. Although polyurethane materials are recognized as the best materials for exterior wall thermal insulation materials, they can't escape the war of words

insulation materials such as polyurethane failed to meet the requirements in the Shanghai catastrophic fire

some people believe that insulation materials such as polyurethane are the "accomplices" of the fire, and some even believe that it is "the culprit. This is an excellent bridge material". How do professionals view the fire

Mr. Tang, deputy general manager of Huafeng PUEN, said that the causes of the fire covered many aspects, including management problems and the fact that the thermal insulation materials did not meet the national flame retardant level. He said that at present, the state stipulates that buildings below 50 meters need to use thermal insulation materials with a fire rating of above B2, and buildings below 50 meters need to use materials with a fire rating of above B1

other professionals said that the igniter was initially considered to be protective rather than polyurethane material

polyurethane materials that meet the national fire prevention standards can delay the fire

it is understood that at present, some polyurethane materials in the domestic market are still difficult to meet the B2 Standard. According to the analysis of professionals, the polyurethane insulation materials that may be adopted at the site of the fire have not yet reached the anti assumption stipulated by the state, and the fire level of this signal is measured directly, which makes it difficult to delay the fire

relevant personnel of Huafeng PUEN said that if the external wall insulation project is implemented in strict accordance with national standards and polyurethane and other insulation materials can reach the national fire rating, the fire can be delayed and time can be saved for escape and rescue

for the current polyurethane thermal insulation materials, he said that one of these materials is thermosetting, which does not produce molten droplets when exposed to fire, and can effectively prevent the spread of fire. It is reported that the thermosetting polyurethane insulation board put into production this year can reach the B1 Standard

in addition, it is understood that the polyurethane produced by the "environmental friendly nano flame retardant polymer polyether polyol" produced by Huzhou innovative Polyurethane Technology Co., Ltd. is difficult to burn and enhances the fire safety factor. The polyurethane insulation materials of Zhejiang Keda new material, NPU, BASF and other companies can reach the national fire rating of B1

the fire case may promote the introduction of standards, leading to the healthy development of polyurethane insulation materials

since the fire case occurred on November 15, relevant departments and personnel have called for the introduction of relevant standards for building materials, especially insulation materials, as soon as possible. There are even posts about banning the use of insulation materials such as polystyrene board

relevant staff said that it is estimated that affected by the "1115" Shanghai catastrophic fire, Shanghai will make relevant regulations in the field of external wall insulation as soon as possible

SWD Shanghai company of the United States said that China's enterprises producing polyurethane insulation and energy-saving products are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. Due to low technology and minimum cost, the number of domestic enterprises that can produce B1 grade fireproof polyurethane insulation materials is relatively small. Based on the principle of maximizing profits, developers will not only increase building construction, but also try to reduce the purchase of high-grade fire-proof insulation materials that are expensive due to rising costs. However, the number of domestic enterprises that can produce high-grade polyurethane insulation materials is limited

since the implementation of the "Interim Provisions on fire prevention of external insulation system and exterior wall decoration of civil buildings" in September last year, the trial period has expired by September this year, but the formal standard has not been issued yet. Relevant professionals said that the main reason why the standards have not been issued is that it is difficult to unify the opinions of the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of construction. It is reported that the Ministry of construction proposes to slightly relax the access standards

however, he said that it was estimated that the fire would prompt the Ministry of construction to make concessions and the official standards would be accelerated

a manufacturer of polyurethane insulation materials suggests that the implementation of new national and local policies requires and can clearly record the load and deformation curve, and the implementation should be strengthened to speed up the transformation and upgrading of polyurethane insulation materials enterprises, so as to truly achieve the purpose of improving the fire rating of insulation materials

relevant professionals said that the fire rating of polyurethane and other insulation materials urgently needs to be increased, but it is still the best material for energy-saving and emission reduction exterior wall insulation. Therefore, this fire has sounded an alarm for the polyurethane industry and promoted the general direction of polyurethane fire prevention in the future

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