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Sequoia tree: the mobile intelligent terminal is coming. Handheld medicine is not a dream.

the strong attack of the mobile terminal army composed of smart and tablet computers has made all aspects of people's life mobile, and has become a symbol of the mobile Internet era anytime and anywhere. Telemedicine, as a representative of information-based medicine, is no exception

since its birth, telemedicine has shouldered the important task of breaking the geographical restrictions of traditional medicine and effectively alleviating the imbalance in the distribution of medical resources. Relevant data survey shows that 80% of China's population is distributed in underdeveloped areas with medical and health resources below the county level, while 80% of medical and health resources are distributed in large and medium-sized cities, and tertiary hospitals and high-quality, sophisticated and sophisticated medical equipment are also distributed in large cities. This is determined by specific economic development conditions and cannot be changed overnight. The telemedicine system based on the Internet has fundamentally broken the geographical restrictions, allowing patients to receive the diagnosis of relevant experts without leaving home, no matter where they are. It can be called a representative of using technology to make up for the scarcity of resources

however, due to the limitation of equipment, traditional telemedicine is still a point-to-point model between hospitals. Although it alleviates the dilemma of lack of medical resources in hospitals in remote areas to a certain extent, it has limited effect on the difficulty of seeing a doctor in large hospitals. For patients, telemedicine represents only the modern working mode of hospitals. In this case, telemedicine has become a substantial sense of hospital informatization, not a real medical informatization. How to get rid of the shackles of hospitals and let patients have close contact with doctors has become the key to medical informatization

as a leader in unified communication services and industrial applications, Sequoia video conference has been committed to product technology innovation. Following the release of ucp5.0, its support for intelligent terminals has also achieved a milestone breakthrough. Both our SaaS rental users and box users can enjoy the convenience brought by this achievement. The version released this time designs Android, iPad and iPhone clients for mainstream smart terminals. The main functions include: stable shared documents, document annotations and PPT animation, multi-channel audio interworking, text chat (public/private chat), viewing conference information, meeting list plus meeting, meeting number plus meeting, etc., and support multi-channel video, which can perfectly present 5 (6) remote multi-channel videos that can be output by local and domestic manufacturers for barrier free two-way video communication, It effectively meets the needs of users for remote face-to-face communication anytime and anywhere. The release of Sequoia video conferencing mobile intelligent terminal will greatly expand the application scope of mobile video conferencing, improve the frequency of mobile video conferencing, and enable people to conduct high-definition audio and video communication in other places, offices, cafes, stations, subways, cruise ships, and planes, so as to win you valuable time and easily solve travel problems

Obviously, jimhawkins said that the rise of mobile telemedicine has found the answer to this problem. Mobile telemedicine takes personal mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as terminals, combined with relevant applications, patients can track their own health status in real time, and upload relevant information to the hospital in time to realize real-time interaction with doctors

the continuous reduction of 3G tariffs and the prevalence of 1000 yuan smart phones have greatly reduced the application cost of mobile Internet, effectively improved the cost performance of telemedicine, and laid a solid foundation for it to enter the stage of substantive popularization. Moreover, the doctor-patient connection mode of mobile telemedicine well caters to the rapidly popular concept of family health care, so that telemedicine has a broader mass base

the broad market prospect has stimulated the enthusiasm of operators. More and more applications of fitness and entertainment for individual users, health management industrial plant reliability evaluation standard GBJ 144 (9) 0, chronic disease management and other aspects are rising rapidly. The popularization of mobile telemedicine has entered a substantial stage. At the same time, in order to eradicate the cancer that affects social stability, which is difficult and expensive to see a doctor, the government continues to increase its support for lithium-ion batteries, the core of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles in the medical future. The latest statistics show that the Ministry of finance's medical and health expenditure totaled 366.2 billion yuan, an increase of 25%. Policy support and strong investment from manufacturers will drive mobile medicine into the fast lane

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