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The alloy steel corrugating roller on the corrugated box machine

the traditional hard chromium plating process is applied in China. Due to the low cathode current efficiency, which is generally 12 ~ 14%, the plating solution concentration and plating temperature are roughly controlled, and most of them are adjusted by the operator based on experience, so the coating quality is unstable, mainly manifested as:

1 Coating thickness is difficult to control

if a pair of corrugating rollers are not plated in pairs, the thickness error of some upper and lower corrugating rollers is even 50%

2. The deep plating ability is poor, especially for corrugated rollers with grooves. The corrugated teeth on the groove edge are often not plated with chromium or rarely plated, resulting in uneven wear of corrugated rollers during use

3. The hardness is low and uneven

because the corrugated roller electroplating is a deep well plating bath, if there is no stirring, the temperature difference between the upper and lower parts is very large, resulting in the upper temperature high chromium layer is soft, the lower temperature low chromium layer is brittle, which seriously affects the quality of use

the new process adopts the most advanced hbef25 high-efficiency hard chromium plating process in the world. Its advantages are:

1 Using a higher current density than the traditional hard chromium plating process, the cathode current efficiency is 22 ~ 26%, twice that of the conventional chromium plating process, and the deposition speed is 2 ~ 3 times that of the traditional chromium plating process. Therefore, the deep plating ability is greatly improved

2. The microhardness of the coating is HV, which is the traditional process

3. The wear of the hard chromium coating obtained by this process is nearly 25% less than that of the traditional coating

4. Due to the reduction of over thick deposition of high current, the coating thickness is uniform

5. The coating is smooth, fine and bright

Another great advantage of ef-25 coating is that the number of microcracks per centimeter is as high as 400

because microcracks represent a relatively easy corrosion situation. Corrosion occurs along these microcracks. The smaller the number of microcracks, the deeper and longer the crack, and the easier it is to corrode. This process generates many shallow and short microcracks, which improves the anti-corrosion ability and reduces corrosion defects

strict process management shall be carried out during electroplating. Each roller shall set process parameters respectively according to its diameter, length and plated area, strictly record the operation, continuously filter the plating solution, strictly control the electroplating temperature according to the process requirements, strictly detect and control the concentration of plating solution and various indicators. Ensure that the hard chromium coating of more than 0.10mm is evenly plated on the top of the most easily worn teeth and a certain proportion of chromium coating is plated on the root and ridge surface, so as to obtain a hard chromium coating that is harder, smoother, brighter and more wear-resistant than the traditional hard chromium process

practice has proved that although the cost of the process since May 28, 2017 is three times that of the traditional process, the quality of the product has been greatly improved, the wear resistance has been increased by 40%, the service life has been extended, and the maintenance cost has been reduced

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