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Fire warning: don't put the air conditioner close to the curtain for fire disaster

as the weather gets hot, many families use air conditioners. Technical experts from Chongqing Fire Corps pointed out that in order to prevent fire, do not install air conditioners on combustible materials, and do not place them on combustible floors or carpets. The power line should have good insulation, and it is best to protect it with metal sleeve

technical experts of Chongqing fire brigade said that each air conditioner should have a separate fuse and power socket, and do not share the socket with home computers

the air conditioner should not be close to the curtain, door curtain and other hanging objects to prevent the motor from heating and catching fire. Don't put combustibles directly under the suspended air conditioner. Since the air conditioner has no lightning protection function, it is best not to use the air conditioner in thunderstorm weather

in addition to air conditioners, check more wires and plugs that you usually don't notice, especially small appliances that have been used for a long time. In addition to regularly checking the use of household appliances, you should regularly repair old appliances, wipe the plug frequently with a dry cloth, and replace the wires with damaged external insulation. What should we pay attention to in the mechanical property experiment of household appliances gbt15831 rotating fasteners? During the experimental operation of each experimental machine, we should take the following preventive measures according to the cause of the phenomenon that the jaws cannot be clamped. The engineers of Jinan assaying suggest that our customers and friends take the following precautions: pay more or less attention to something or the line is on fire. First, cut off the operation for convenience, cut off the power supply, and then use dry powder or gas fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire. Do not directly splash water to extinguish the fire

b) whether the wiring of household appliances is appropriate

for the fire caused by air conditioning, the following preventive measures should be taken: select air conditioners with reliable quality; The installation height, direction and position should have good heat dissipation conditions; A fuse with appropriate capacity shall be installed on the power line of the air conditioner

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