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Everything can be connected. The "cow" experience in the year of the ox

at the beginning of the year of the ox, there is a close connection between talent and innovation. Thousands of cows moo together, sounding the horn of the recovery of everything, gentle mountain roads, smart concrete buildings, pleasant plantations, considerate wearable devices. In such a big era of everything can be connected, I will take you to count the experience of the year of the ox brought by IOT technology

better experience: customization in the cloud, opening a new mode of DIY massage

with the increasing pace of life ② the formation of deeper interface dispersion and mechanical interlocking in the interface accelerate, and people's demand for personalized relaxation continues to grow. SKG and Huawei cloud IOT, based on the massive device access management capability, will connect millions of massage instruments to the cloud, accounting for 27%, and build a cloud massage mode library. In addition to the standard mode, users can use different methods such as one click download, spinning and pinching, and complete the mode upgrade in 10s. Customized massage in the cloud allows people to enjoy a relaxed life

better management: full scene access, building intelligence transformation

Shenzhen Liqiao financial center is an innovative complex built by bangji group, which is the best of all thermoplastic engineering plastics. It is resistant to creep under high temperature. In the late stage of construction, it is faced with the access of thousands of equipment and the interoperability of 16 subsystems. Based on Huawei cloud IOT, zhaobangji group makes unified access to all types of building equipment and subsystems, breaks data islands, builds 10+ intelligent operation scenarios, realizes one screen unified management of buildings, significantly reduces human management costs, saves 15% energy consumption, and realizes the smart transformation of concrete buildings

faster: self identification of delivery and construction of a new mode of warehouse management

the daily storage of goods in Huawei South warehouse is as high as 11million, and the increasing demand puts forward new requirements for delivery speed. Huawei cloud IOT integrates RFID network and IOT technology, and configures an automatic identification system for the South warehouse. It does not rely on human verification, and realizes the real-time perception of abnormal delivery. It reduces the length of single vehicle loading by 50%, increases the daily loading volume by 30%, and greatly improves the delivery efficiency

higher output: cloud rubber cutting leads to the reform of the rubber industry

rubber is one of the national strategic resources, and the bad rubber cutting environment leads to the loss of rubber workers, which makes 50% of China's rubber plantations abandon cutting and pipes, and the rubber production is seriously insufficient. Based on the high concurrency of IOT, Zhongchuang Hanwei combined with Huawei cloud IOT to build a smart rubber park with automatic rubber cutting as the core. The cloud can start with one button and complete the rubber cutting of all rubber trees in 5 minutes, so that the Abandoned Rubber park can produce rubber again and lead the industrial reform

better access: collaborative smart highway, difficult to crack the Shu Road

the ancients said that the Shu Road is difficult, difficult to climb the sky. As the lifeline of Sichuan, Sichuan Duwen expressway has complex geology and frequent abnormal weather, which poses great challenges for safe driving. Huawei cloud IOT road digital service, based on all-weather real-time perception of road conditions, accurately detects the speed and location of vehicles, and combines the global algorithm of edge cloud collaboration to build a collaborative intelligent highway of human vehicle road collaboration, so that the Sichuan Road can pass unimpeded and travel more safely

everything can be connected. Huawei cloud IOT will continue to accelerate the upgrading of industry intelligence, so that technology can bring a better experience to life

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