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Finland: wood fiber and spider silk synthetic materials can replace plastics

release date: Source: Xinhua

Finnish researchers have developed a new bio based material using wood fiber and spider silk components, which is expected to be used as a substitute for plastics in the future

the strength and ductility of materials usually cannot have both advantages and disadvantages. A team led by researchers from the University of Alto in Finland recently reported in the American Journal progress of science that they have bonded wood fibers with silk protein in artificial spider silk and developed a new bio based material with high strength, high stiffness and high flexibility

researchers said that in the future, this kind of synthetic material can be used in the production of medical supplies, textile industry and packaging industry to firmly support financial institutions to set up and develop plastic substitutes around the sound financial service system. Unlike plastic, the advantages of private enterprise fibers and spider silk, which have smaller wood, are that they are biodegradable and relatively environmentally friendly

according to the introduction, the research team first decomposed birch pulp into fine fibers and built a hard fiber complex, and then infiltrated spider silk protein adhesive into this complex, and finally made this new material. However, the spider silk used in the study is not extracted from spiders, but artificial spider silk, in which the chemical properties of silk protein molecules are similar to those in spiders

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