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The work of the 2006 World Packaging Conference is ready to enter the interim stage

today, there are 17 days before the opening of the 2006 World Packaging Conference. Recently, the agenda and contents of the conference have been fully determined, and all work has entered the interim stage

the agenda of the 2006 World Packaging Conference is three days, and the main activities include the keynote speech of the conference, the world packaging development forum, and the awards of world star and China Star

the specific schedule is to hold the opening ceremony of the conference and deliver the keynote speech at Fangfei garden of diaoyutaistateguesthouse in Beijing on the morning of April 19. Leaders of the State Council will attend the opening ceremony, deliver speeches, meet with distinguished guests and take group photos. On the afternoon of the same day and the morning of April 20, the world packaging development forum was held in the Junying Hall of the Friendship Palace of the Beijing Friendship Hotel, and the award ceremony of "world star" was held in the hall on the evening of April 19. At the opening ceremony of the conference, the World Packaging Organization will award Comrade Gu Mu a "Lifetime Achievement Award"

the keynote speaker and title of the conference are Shi Wanpeng, President of the China Packaging Federation - "China's packaging industry development strategy", Alexis Stasinopoulos, current president of the World Packaging Organization - "challenges of population development trends to China's packaging in the near and medium term", L. osmeisa, Secretary General of the World Packaging Organization - "global packaging outlook" Cain A. Pearson, the successor president of the World Packaging Organization, "seeking cooperation and development through packaging training", and Dr. Michel groshan, President of Tetra Pak international R & D and Technology Engineering Department, "growing with China"

the title and speaker of the speech at the world packaging development forum are: European packaging market and packaging industry - Dogan Albuquerque, Secretary General of the Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association, the development path of the American Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association - Shen Zhong, chief representative of the American packaging machinery manufacturers association in China, "The structure, operation and market conditions of the British processing and packaging machinery association" - Chris Baxter, senior executive vice president of the British processing and packaging machinery association, "world star rating standards" - Carl osmeisa, Secretary General of the World Packaging Organization, "packaging education in the world and the United States" - Thomas Schneider, President of the international professional packaging research organization of the United States, "The operation of Japan Packaging Technology Association and the latest trends of Japan's packaging industry" -- Takeo Sasaki, special director of Japan Packaging Technology Association, "food safety and packaging innovation" -- Dr. Michel groeshan, vice president of Tetra Pak international, "development trends and application prospects of flexible plastic packaging materials" -- zhangguoping, chairman of Shenda group, "Mutual benefit and win-win results, create the future, and build the Asian packaging center with the strength of the whole industry" - Jin Xiangzuo, President of the Asian packaging center, "the current situation and development of metal packaging in China" - Zhou Zheng, general manager of COFCO Meite container Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou, 2010, "food packaging and circular economy" - Li Shuliang, deputy director of the sterile packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation

on the morning of April 18, the opening ceremony of the China International Exhibition of processing and packaging machinery and equipment industry, which was held at the same time as the world packaging conference, was held. In the evening of the same day, the China Star Award dinner was held. The commendation activities for China's leading packaging enterprises, China's excellent packaging enterprises, China's outstanding packaging entrepreneurs, China's excellent packaging entrepreneurs, China's famous packaging products, and the National Advanced Packaging Association will be held in the afternoon of April 20

according to the China Packaging Federation, the 2006 World Packaging Congress National detachment fatigue machine static force value calibration, the number of delegates allocation plan has been produced. The participants are in the form of groups, and the participating units and personnel can register with the provincial, autonomous prefecture, city specifically designated in the plan, Central City Packaging Association and the professional committees of the China Packaging Federation, or directly to the China Packaging Federation

source: China Packaging

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