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Break through the ground and stand in the wind

Electromechanical industry; Mechanical and electrical products (face clearance gate, human ID verification system, intelligent 3D camera); Intelligent manufacturing; Industry information from "three sources and one supplement", to imitation innovation, and then to source innovation, China has continued to climb and leap in the world's manufacturing industry chain

break through the new path of technological solutions, lay out large scientific device incubators, and build a new mechanism for scientific and technological governance system. A number of bamboo shoots enterprises are emerging in Shenzhen. Seeing the leopard, the strong momentum of made in New China continues to breed in it

power source innovation

optical technology, which has just been established for one year, has experienced three rounds of financing in a year and is growing rapidly

Zhu Li, the founder of the company who graduated from Tsinghua University with a bachelor's degree and compared with flame retardant ABS and hips high gloss surface effect, said that for the 3D structured light scheme of intelligent 3D camera, optical technology has found a new way, proposed a new architecture different from that of international giants, and applied for a number of domestic and foreign patents. The 3D structured light module of optical technology has been successfully debugged on the mainstream flagship intelligence, and has begun to cooperate with front-line manufacturers

nowadays, innovative enterprises such as optometrical technology are springing up in Shenzhen. In early July, the registration of Guangfeng science and technology innovation board, one of the representative enterprises in the field of laser display, came into effect. We should not only be followers on the road of innovation, but use disruptive innovation to break the technological control of traditional giants. Said Li Yi, founder of Guangfeng technology

driven by new forces of innovation, Shenzhen's high-tech industry grew strongly from January to May. Among them, the added value of advanced manufacturing increased by 10.4%, and that of high-tech manufacturing increased by 11.0%

thanks to the fertile soil for innovation, more seeds are being continuously bred. In order to make up for the difficulties and shortcomings of early-stage financing of enterprises and help the development of enterprises in the seed stage and start-up stage, the Shenzhen municipal government launched a strategic and policy fund - Shenzhen Angel master fund last year, which is operated and managed in a professional and market-oriented manner. The scale of the first phase is 5billion yuan, and the investment is planned to be completed within three years

at the same time, Shenzhen has also carried out innovative high-yield, analysis and disposal of the consequences of single piece and group experiments, and the cultivation of long-term enterprises with a variety of declaration situations. It plans to cultivate 10000 enterprises within three years and identify 100 private leading backbone enterprises

school enterprise linkage sparks

brain simulation and brain analysis facilities, synthetic biology research facilities, and material genome large scientific device platform, located at the important node of the Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong Macao science and technology innovation corridor, Shenzhen bright science city is in full swing. After completion, it will become an important area for the world's major scientific installations and the gathering of international scientific research talents, and is expected to become an important incubator for bamboo shoots enterprises

after more than 40 years of reform and opening up, Shenzhen should strengthen its support for sustainable development, that is, source innovation and basic research. Chen Xi, President of South University of science and technology, said that Guangming Science City, which is committed to basic research, will play an important role in the development of Shenzhen

going south from Guangming Science City, xilihu international science and Education City, also located on the innovation axis, is becoming a strong intellectual core for the development of enterprises in the bay area

South University of science and technology, Shenzhen International Graduate School of Tsinghua University and Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) now, xilihu international science and education city has more than 40000 teachers and students from colleges and universities, and the linkage between schools and enterprises is constantly delivering strong momentum for spring bamboo enterprises to break through the manufacturing in New China

after cooperating with South University of science and technology, the company made use of the advanced equipment and cutting-edge ideas of the University, combined with the enterprise's own industrial experience, and soon sparked a spark. The company analyzed the indicators that should be paid special attention to when selecting the tensile machine for testing soft packaging materials. The company sold about 250million yuan last year, with an annual growth rate of more than 100%. It has become an advanced enterprise in the industry of mass production of optical materials and optical chips. Wang Jian, chairman of the company, introduced

improve the science and technology governance system

hand over the right to establish scientific research projects to enterprises, no longer let outsiders evaluate experts, develop and establish a mechanism to support non consensus innovation, loosen policy innovation, and a more perfect science and technology governance system is creating a comfortable growth environment for spring bamboo enterprises

non consensus innovation refers to ideas and assumptions that are not consistent with known scientific knowledge, and are not generally recognized by the industry and peers. This kind of innovation is often inconsistent with the authoritative judgment, and because it is too innovative, it is difficult and risky to realize. It is easy to be labeled as deviant, so it is difficult to get support

from non consensus to consensus, although it is long and arduous, it may be pregnant with bamboo shoots. It is understood that Shenzhen is actively exploring and establishing mechanisms to support non consensus innovation, such as establishing a system to accommodate and support non consensus innovation in the field of basic research, expanding the autonomy of institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions, and supporting projects with innovative value but no consensus

according to insiders, some countries assume a linear outflow of the previously implemented proof of concept plan, such as providing certain ignition funds for researchers in Colleges and universities to prove that their scientific research achievements have commercial value, thus incubating many innovative enterprises

using this mechanism for reference, Shenzhen supports the establishment of innovation verification centers in Colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, etc., to provide seed funds, basic equipment and innovation incubation services for early innovation activities that are difficult to obtain funding through conventional channels

many college students are very active in thinking and have many good creative ideas, but they lack financial and technical support to verify whether these ideas can be transformed into real products and whether they have commercial value. Wusikang, director of the development research center of the Shenzhen municipal government, said that exploring the establishment of an innovation verification center would make it possible for college students and researchers with entrepreneurial ideas to take the first step in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements without worry

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