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China has independently developed fire-fighting robots to put out the fire in 3 seconds, and countries are rushing to buy them

China has independently developed fire-fighting robots to put out the fire in 3 seconds, and countries are rushing to buy them

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original title: China's independently developed fire-fighting robot extinguishes the fire in 3 seconds, and countries rush to buy it

in the face of fire alarm, fire fighters used their flesh and blood to ensure the safety of the people. But for various reasons, sometimes the firefighters who participated in the rescue paid the price of their lives, which we don't want to see

therefore, today I want to introduce to you the "explosion-proof fire extinguishing detection robot" invented by a Chinese company, which can replace firefighters to enter the fire scene. It is reported that it has not only been applied and promoted in China, but also received orders from many countries. In only half a year, the person in charge of the company earned 41.7 billion

the fire robot is composed of a body, a fire monitor and a hand-held remote control terminal. The crawler design at the bottom can easily climb the building and cross obstacles; The front nozzle can spray foam or water to extinguish the fire, and the rear interface can drag the fire hose forward. It is fire-proof, explosion-proof and dust-proof. The equipped infrared thermal imaging camera can detect the on-site situation. If the oil seal of the universal tensile testing machine is not good, the self-contained water curtain cooling system can prevent the machine from overheating. The remote control system allows firefighters to command from a safe distance

in the fire drill and simulated explosion test, it can be seen that the fire robot quickly reaches the fire source area with the fire hose, and the range of water ejected from the fire monitor can reach 88 meters to 1 meter. In addition to affecting the uneven jaw, 10 meters will extinguish the raging fire in 3 seconds. Although the fire brigade has a new weapon. 4. The choice of control mode. The temperature and humidity test box has two cases: constant test box and alternating test box to increase the strength, we should kindly remind everyone that we must actively take fire prevention measures to prevent trouble before it happens

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