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Xiamen industrial fire extinguisher will help the development of China's fire emergency industry

Xiamen industrial fire extinguisher will help the development of China's fire emergency industry

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on September 8, 2018, the world-class large-span, super high-rise, super large flow CAFs mobile fire extinguishing equipment made a heavy debut at the 20th China International Investment and trade fair. At the exhibition site, this new fire-fighting equipment and another advanced equipment in the emergency industry, Xiamen workers' high-altitude demolition intelligent excavator, together with the accompaniment of the waltz, "danced" and shook the stage hand in hand

it is reported that this new fire extinguishing equipment was jointly developed by Xiamen Xiagong Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xiagong") and Qiao Micro Foam Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. since the establishment of the Third Symposium. Through the "strong alliance" of collaborative innovation, the two sides aim to give full play to their respective industrial and technological advantages, creatively combine the world-class advanced technology micro compressed air foam system (CAFs) with high-end construction machinery, and improve the modern scientific and technological level of high-end equipment in China's fire emergency industry at a higher level

this principle assumes that the stress on the failure surface will add the shear strength of the rock. This is another fruitful achievement after nearly three years after Xiamen Engineering Group successfully developed China's first intelligent construction machinery product in 2015 and successfully entered the high-end equipment industry of emergency rescue in China

this fire extinguishing equipment is quite scientific and technological. It can be called "advanced and sophisticated". It integrates a number of advanced technologies, and its application function is quite "tall". Its core technology is derived from the development of German aluminum alloy cable industry. The ultimate way is to stick to the right path of micro CAFs compressed air foam system, which is one of the most advanced fire extinguishing agents in the field of fire emergency industry in the world so far. It has incomparable performance advantages over other conventional fire extinguishing agents such as water, sand, dry powder, inert gas, traditional foam and so on, so as to achieve rapid cooling and fire extinguishing. It has strong adaptability. It can use fresh water, sea water and various common foam stock solutions. It has the international leading level of mixed injection flow of 2400l/min and compressed air foam injection distance of 70 meters. Using the 48 meter five section folding boom structure of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group as the carrier, its fire-fighting function is even more powerful, which can achieve high and large-span level, directly face the fire point and spray compressed air foam, effectively dealing with all kinds of large-scale oil fires, alcohol, benzene and other chemical fires, plastic, rubber products and charged fires

this mobile fire-fighting equipment of XCMG can effectively break through the current practical dilemma of long-time operation, high labor cost and urgent improvement of fire-fighting efficiency in fire rescue, especially in dealing with the "old and difficult" application scenarios of industrial fire-fighting industry such as super high-rise buildings over 100 meters, long-span factory fires, large tank fires of petroleum and petrochemical and fires in dense residential areas, Realize the fire extinguishing requirements of "scientific, safe and efficient" in fire rescue operations

suzhenyi senior engineer, the project leader of Xiamen Engineering Group, said: "the successful development of this new type of technical equipment realizes the comprehensive application of large-span, super high-rise and large flow, and provides a set of safe, efficient, economic and practical scientific solutions for the safety protection and effective treatment of modern fire accidents. It can be called the most perfect 'terminator of the fire demon' at present."

in recent years, as one of the representative enterprises of large-scale manufacturers of national brands of construction machinery in China, following the "made in China 2025" and the policy guidelines of supply side structural reform and military civilian integration, Xiamen Engineering Group has actively implemented the transformation and upgrading strategy, launched the intelligent manufacturing of construction machinery, expanded the development of urban underground space, entered the high-end equipment industry of emergency rescue, and taken the road of in-depth, cross-border integration and innovation, Inject new economic growth points into the upgrading and development of enterprises

in recent years, XCMG has also been committed to assisting the national emergency rescue force to build a more safe, scientific, three-dimensional and efficient modern emergency rescue system. It has worked closely with the armed police force, fire fighting and other emergency rescue backbone forces to develop a number of high-end emergency rescue equipment suitable for the emergency industry, such as intelligent engineering machinery, and has successively launched a series of projects in Shenzhen landslide accident, Sichuan Maoxian mountain collapse, Hubei, Xinjiang, Anhui The rescue work of rainstorm disasters in Zhejiang and other provinces has been tested in practice

in the future, XCMG will further work closely with Sanqiao Micro Foam Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. to develop high-end emergency rescue equipment with more specifications, stronger adaptability and closer to the actual needs, and accelerate the promotion and application of new technologies, industrialization and large-scale application, so as to significantly improve the modernization of China's emergency industrial rescue equipment

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