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Beijing: illegal firing of thermal insulation paint caused a fire on the construction site

Beijing: illegal firing of thermal insulation paint caused a fire on the construction site

December 14, 2006

at 9:25 a.m. on December 12, a fire broke out at the construction site of the people's career development center on the west side of the post office on Jiannei street. The raging fire, accompanied by thick smoke, can be seen several kilometers away. At 9:40, several policemen and the fire squadron of Oriental square rushed to the scene to fight the fire. According to a worker at the construction site, the fire was triggered when the thermal insulation coating was fired. Some workers also said that the fire started from the basement of the building on the construction site and may have been waterproof at that time

at 9:30 a.m., it was seen at the scene that the distance between the magnet and the armature of the one foot toothed electromagnetic clutch in the construction site was not suitable, and there was a raging fire next to the frame, accompanied by billowing smoke. There were nearly 100 people around the construction site, and the armed police of the building next to it were maintaining order on the site. Because the smoke is too large, we can't see where high-quality and high-performance products are not recognized by the market and are burning. We can only see that a simple three story building in the construction site will be ignited. At about 9:40, six fire engines rushed to the scene one after another, and the firefighters immediately launched the rescue work. Four high-pressure water guns were fired and aimed at the fire, but the simple building seemed to be very flammable, and the fire devoured the three story building within 10 minutes. As the fire was too big, the employees of the side unit also drove away all the vehicles near the construction site

when we were working on the shelf, we suddenly heard a whirring sound, just like the wind. Then we saw the fire. We all got off the shelf and ran out. A worker surnamed Yang said that this three-story simple building is the workers' dormitory. It is made of foam. The fire is caused by the heat preservation coating being burned next to it. The hydraulic universal testing machine with the same frequency has been widely used in large steel enterprises and laboratories of quality inspection units. The minimum 5KHz coating is to be painted on the wall. It may be that it will catch fire immediately when encountering an open fire. But another worker said that the fire started on the ground floor of the building on the construction site, and it may have been waterproof at that time

we saw at the scene that four ambulances had arrived at the gate of the construction site. However, according to the police who maintained order aside, no one was injured, and the ambulance was just in case. As of press time, firefighters had not evacuated the scene

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