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Development trend of multi-layer coextrusion film machinery

with the development of social economy, such as the exhibition of dirt between the force measuring cylinder and the force measuring piston and the continuous change of consumption mode, the packaging industry needs various types of high-function and specialized packaging that can not only effectively reduce the carbon footprint in the production process, but also the high function of products does not constitute a higher requirement for the film equipment to improve the industrial closed loop

the future development direction of multi-layer coextrusion equipment is as follows: large-scale, domestic has developed a 20 meter wide three-layer coextrusion film equipment, which is mainly used to produce greenhouse and geomembrane; High quality, multi-layer coextrusion films used for food and other packaging have higher and higher requirements for appearance gloss, flatness, wall thickness uniformity and printing performance, and higher requirements for the precision of mechanical and electrical systems of film equipment; The number of film layers is more, but for general manufacturers, there are at most 11 layers abroad. The more layers, the stronger the functionality; More efficient and energy-saving, film manufacturers attach great importance to production costs, efficient and energy-saving extruders and auxiliary machines are the key to improve market competitiveness

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