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Medium voltage distribution equipment market development trend

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medium voltage distribution equipment is the basic equipment involved in a wide range of electrical systems. Due to its large amount of use and as a bridge between the main power and users in the electrical system, its technology development trend also attracts great attention of users and manufacturing enterprises. With the expansion of power scale and the construction of smart electricity, the technical development of medium voltage distribution equipment presents the following new trends:

medium voltage distribution transformers are developing towards energy-saving products

medium voltage distribution transformers are products with high raw material costs. Due to the recent rapid decline in the prices of conductive, magnetic and insulating raw materials, the product prices have fallen synchronously, the output value has shrunk significantly, and the output growth has slowed down. Driven by the transformation of urban and rural areas and energy conservation and consumption reduction, the medium voltage distribution transformer being promoted is the coil core transformer. In terms of the development trend of distribution system in the future, the best way to improve the economic operation index of distribution system is to adopt amorphous alloy transformer with lower loss, prefabricated substation and combined transformer

intelligent and imprecise speed control switchgear technology needs to break through

in May this year, the State Grid Corporation of China proposed to build a strong smart power in three stages. The construction of strong intelligent electricity requires the equipment to have the functions of digitization, informatization and detection. At present, most of the relay protection devices, current and voltage transformers, etc. used in medium voltage power supply are based on iron core type and electromagnetic induction principle, which belong to non-linear measurement and protection elements. However, microcomputer relay protection devices, photoelectric sensors, electronic sensors, etc. are not used much or at a high level. Therefore, the detection items with high accident rate of medium voltage switch, such as vacuum degree of vacuum switch, heating of busbar and external contact, mechanical characteristics, disconnection of tripping coil circuit and partial discharge, must achieve a major breakthrough in the near future in order to truly realize information detection

24 kV power distribution equipment is in great demand

since the 20 kV voltage level can replace the 35 kV and 10 kV voltage levels at the same time, its upper and lower voltage distribution range must be the first choice, which must be good and reasonable. 20 kV ratio, 10 kV distribution and distribution capacity, power transmission radius doubled. And this voltage level has the advantages of simplifying the circuit, saving energy and reducing consumption, reducing loss, optimizing distribution and distribution equipment. Therefore, 20 kV transmission lines have been listed in the GB national voltage standard and have been piloted in Suzhou Singapore Industrial Park for many years. In 2007, the State Grid Corporation of China officially promoted this voltage level. At present, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Guangdong and other provinces have made great efforts to promote this voltage level in urban and rural areas. It is expected that it will gradually become a climate in the past two years, and its market will be equivalent to 10 kV and 35 kV in the next five to ten years. Closely follow the market demand for research and development, At present, there are more than 50 medium voltage switchgear enterprises "Joined the manufacturing industry and carried out the type test of new products with a voltage level of 20 kV. In a long period of time in the future, the main distribution equipment with this voltage level will have a lot of market space.

the division of labor of equipment is increasingly clear.

the step-down side of the high-voltage substation is the head end of the medium voltage distribution. While the end of the medium voltage enters the user's distribution room or control equipment. Generally, the distribution transformer with a voltage of 1000 KVA or above, and the switchgear used Weigh the primary switchgear. The switchgear for distribution transformer below 1000 KVA is secondary switchgear. In the past, the primary switchgear used circuit breakers, while the secondary switchgear also used circuit breakers. The division of labor between the two is not clear, and the use proportion is out of balance. The use proportion of circuit breakers, load switches and contactors used in foreign medium voltage power stations is 1:10, while that in China is 6:1. This makes the transmission system of our country not only high investment, but also unreasonable. We cannot give full play to our respective advantages. In case of internal fault of the circuit breaker protection transformer, the action time is not as effective as the current limiting fuse, and the frequent operation function is not as effective as the high-voltage contactor. Therefore, after more than ten years of efforts, the installed quantity ratio of circuit breakers, load switches and contactors in China has been close to 1:1, and will be further adjusted to 1:2 to 3 in the next few years

anti serious pollution environmental products are booming

China's environmental problems are becoming increasingly serious, and the impact of pollution and acid rain is further expanded. According to the statistics of State Grid Corporation of China, in recent years, the insulation accident rate of medium voltage switches accounts for more than 50% of the total failure rate, which will catalyze the birth of a new generation of switchgear that can resist harsh environmental conditions, such as sealed pole vacuum circuit breakers, vulcanized coated buses, silicon rubber insulated switchgear, C-GIS equipment, indoor distribution rooms with moisture, dust and air conditioning functions, and devices with anti condensation functions

the demand for miniaturization and high-capacity distribution equipment is rising

China's urbanization process is accelerating, the per capita land area is shrinking, the urban land price is rising rapidly, the high power consumption industry is developing rapidly, and the power capacity per unit area is increasing. These factors put forward higher requirements for the miniaturization and large capacity of switchgear

in order to reduce the size of switchgear, the use of composite components and combined complete sets of equipment has increased year by year, and 24 kV and 40.5 kV C-GIS equipment have been developed successively. For 12 kV products, the requirements of rated current of 3150 A and 5000 a have been put forward. For large cities where the expected voltage level has not been increased to 20 kV, this demand will be more urgent in the next few years

less maintenance, maintenance free and oil-free switches are concerned.

less maintenance, maintenance free switches are a hot topic of concern to users. With the progress of vacuum switch technology, the improvement of spring mechanism process materials, and the significant improvement of mechanical and electrical life, some manufacturers have launched detection function products with practical value, and also launched a complete set of switchgear (fool type products) that can realize real significance of less maintenance and maintenance free

the performance of the permanent magnet mechanism needs to be improved

the reliability of the electronic control system of the permanent magnet mechanism is not high enough, and it is still the weakness of the permanent magnet mechanism. At present, the reliability, safety and economy of permanent magnet mechanism still cannot meet the requirements of users. Therefore, the permanent magnet mechanism needs to be further improved, especially in the occasions where outdoor pole switches, electrified railway electric transfer switches, maintenance free switches, phase selector switches and other equipment have small operating power and frequent operation, the permanent magnet mechanism will be popularized and applied

prefabricated switchyards and box type substations are popular

installation and commissioning of switchyards and substations are often limited by site conditions, such as incomplete installation tools and instruments, insufficient installation and commissioning experience, etc. Therefore, in the accident statistics of switchgear, there are still many faults caused by improper installation. Now, customers at home and abroad require that the complete switchyard and box type substation should be assembled and debugged before leaving the factory, which can simplify the on-site workload, improve work efficiency, reduce costs, reduce installation accidents, and improve the success rate of one-time production of equipment. Therefore, in the future, the complete set of equipment is required to simplify the on-site installation and commissioning and increase the overall installation and commissioning of the factory, which is one of the development directions of the complete set of switchgear

the research and development of opening and closing switches with controllable phase has started.

overvoltage problems will occur when ordinary circuit breakers are used for capacitive current switching or small inductive current switching. High short-circuit current breaking requires expensive high-capacity switches or current limiters to help break, which requires expensive costs. With the development of permanent magnet mechanism and the progress of electronic control technology, at present, industry enterprises have developed and produced controllable phase opening and closing switches, which are suitable for ordinary switches to make large short-circuit current breaking and small current switching. They have the function of expanding the switching and have a great potential market. However, the performance of controllable phase opening and closing has not been highly recognized by users. Therefore, it is suggested that it can be tried on the network test station first, and then extended to the power industry

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