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Food canning development trend

according to the news of a technical conference at the packaging exhibition/food processing machinery exhibition, EZO is at the forefront of this trend. Canning is a practical container for food, and with an easy to pull lid, there is no need to use a can opener. Cost will be a problem, but supporters of easy cover cite research findings that consumers are willing to pay an extra 6 to 8 cents per package

"60% of European canned foods with difficulty of no less than 65% use easy pull lids, which is 80% in the German market," said Jeff deliberty, marketing manager of Silgan closures, located in Downers Grove, Illinois, USA. "in the Asian market, EZO penetration is about 60%

but in the U.S. market, the share of easy to pull lids only accounts for 35% of cans. Deliberty predicts that this figure will reach 60% in 2008. He predicts that the key areas where the transition will occur will be pet food, soup/Pepper/pasta, as well as fruits and vegetables, because the stress rate of the data during elasticity is directly proportional to the strain rate

while most of the discussion still focuses on the rigid metal pull covers, the new generation of easy pull covers, including peelable foil, some of which can be processed in ultra-high pressure containers. They can be made into irregular shapes, and the pattern on them can be comparable to the can body label

new technologies currently being discussed include:

◆ the "spike" can is vacuum packed and resealable before opening

◆ square cans, well packed and have a good shelf publicity effect

◆ self heating cans can realize small-scale exothermic reaction

◆ spiral top cans

call on citizens to participate in the recycling action ◆ cans that can be used as microwave ovens to heat steel bowls at the same time

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