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Development trend of environmental protection and anti-counterfeiting inks

environmental protection inks can meet people's requirements for non-toxic and pollution-free printing. At present, environmental protection inks mainly include water-based inks, UV inks, water-based UV inks and some alcohol soluble inks with different mechanical properties. At the China International special printing exhibition, the tkthkafsoy soybean oil type launched by Tianjin Toyo Ink Co., Ltd. is an effective offset printing bright and fast drying ink imported only from up. It uses aromatic free solvent and renewable soybean oil as the carrier, reducing environmental pollution and harm to operators, so as to promote the development of printing ink to green and environmental protection. It is a new type of environmental protection ink. This product has obtained the environmental protection certification of the American Soybean Oil Association and is suitable for printing coated paper and whiteboard on high-speed offset printing machines. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is one of the first manufacturers in Jinan to produce experimental machines. It can print high-grade picture books, pictorials, trademarks, instructions and exquisite paper packaging and decoration products

GS5 series alcohol soluble composite inks exhibited by Ye's ink (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. are also environmentally friendly inks. GS5 series alcohol soluble composite inks are prepared from synthetic resins that do not contain benzene and ketone solvents. They are suitable for food packaging with very strict requirements for residual solvents. They can be used for gravure and flexographic printing, meeting the requirements of environmental protection. WGT water-based gravure printing ink launched by HANGHUA ink Chemical Co., Ltd. is a high-grade water-based gravure printing ink designed for paper gravure printing. It can meet the requirements of high-speed and high-precision gravure printing, and also meet the requirements of health and environmental protection. It is a kind of green environmental protection ink. The development of anti-counterfeit ink is also the trend of market development

anti counterfeiting ink refers to the ink with anti-counterfeiting effect, that is, the special ink made by adding anti-counterfeiting materials with special properties into the ink connecting materials and processing through special processes. It is also composed of color materials, connecting materials and ink additives. The anti-counterfeiting ink depends on the special functions of the pigment and connecting material in the ink to play an anti-counterfeiting role. Taf2, sample preparation and measuring appliance offset printing anti-counterfeiting ink launched by Tianjin Toyo ink is a newly launched product with high-tech content. This product has the unique advantages of high anti-counterfeiting performance, low cost and easy detection. It is suitable for printing coated paper, whiteboard, cardboard and other printing substrates on offset printing machines and embossing machines, and is applied to printing anti-counterfeiting marks of various trademarks, packaging and decoration products, It plays an increasingly important role in product anti-counterfeiting

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