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Recently, the certification and supervision department of the National Accreditation Administration said that the product certification and control system (i.e. 3C certification) will be enforced for food packaging products, including lunch boxes, plastic bags, beverage packaging, etc. by the end of the year, which is the first time that China has implemented a compulsory market access certification system for food packaging. At present, the safety and environmental protection certification of food packaging materials has begun, and the enterprises and their products that have not passed the certification by the end of the year will be sealed up. Dong Jinshi, vice chairman of China Packaging Resources Comprehensive Utilization Committee and head of China environmental protection joint organization, predicted that there are now more than 10000 packaging enterprises nationwide. After 3C certification and drawing 4 thin-walled design solution platform, enterprises will appear differentiation situation: 1/3 of enterprises basically meet the certification conditions, with little impact; One third of enterprises need to improve their management system and equipment; Another one-third of enterprises are out because of poor conditions

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