Annual output of 550 security UAVs after the hotte

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After putting into operation, the annual output of 550 security UAVs

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Jining, February 24 (Deng Chao) on the morning of the 23rd, The signing ceremony of intelligent security UAV, unmanned vehicle and its supporting industrial projects of Shandong Longyi Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Jining high tech Zone. After the project is successfully put into operation, it will inject new momentum into the intelligent manufacturing industry of the high-tech zone

at the scene, the Investment Promotion Bureau of Jining high tech Zone signed a project contract with Shandong Longyi Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. This signing not only brings strong development impetus to the work of double recruitment and double introduction of High-tech Zone in 2019, but also marks that Jining High-tech Zone has stepped to a new level of economic development with the transformation of old and new kinetic energy

UAV remote sensing, scene intelligent sensing and other technologies are key national support areas, at the high end of the industrial chain, with high scientific and technological content and mature technology. The settlement of this project in Jining will certainly help improve the scientific and technological innovation ability and intelligent manufacturing level of the high-tech zone, and bring the most cutting-edge technology and the most advanced concepts and promotion to the development of the high-tech zone. Jining high tech Zone will also create a better atmosphere of technological innovation, strive to solve the difficulties and problems existing in the project construction, accelerate the early work of the project, and strive to promote the early commencement, construction and production of the project

it is understood that Shandong Longyi Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in new fire protection technology and product R & D and production. It has a number of independent core technologies, which makes the share of plastic packaging in the market increase correspondingly, and intellectual property rights. The cooperation project with an investment of 100million yuan in the high-tech zone will combine scene intelligent perception and a new generation of fire fighting technology to form a market scale with an annual output of 550 sets of intelligent security unmanned aerial vehicles and 200 intelligent security unmanned vehicles. After completion, it will greatly enable the construction of smart cities, fire rescue of urban complexes, fire extinguishing of high-rise buildings, fire emergency rescue, disaster prevention and mitigation, safety production, emergency communication and other work in dangerous areas such as forests and chemical industry

the project can achieve an annual sales revenue of 180million yuan after 8-way switching output, and the annual tax paid in Jining high tech Zone is not less than 5million yuan

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