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Transmission and distribution market: the compound annual growth rate of global circuit breakers in the next five years will reach 5.2%

according to the latest market report "circuit breaker and fuse market - global market analysis, scale, growth, trend and forecast" of transparency market research, a world-renowned Market Research company, the market value in 2012 was 11.16 billion US dollars (about 69.43 billion yuan), It is expected to reach US $15.9 billion (about 98.92 billion yuan) by 2019, with an annual compound growth rate of 5.2%. The lack of adequate power infrastructure and the growing demand for reliable transmission are the main driving forces for market development

most electronic devices and equipment cannot distinguish between normal load and overload. Therefore, electronic devices will continue to introduce current until they burn out. As important protective devices, circuit breakers and fuses realize protection by limiting and minimizing faults. However, the choice of fuse or circuit breaker is determined by space, maintenance, environmental restrictions and users

in 2012, the global circuit breaker accounted for the vast majority of the market share, surpassing the fuse market. This is due to the emergence of smart electricity and the proposals of governments around the world to improve energy efficiency under the gradual awakening of the international market. By voltage type, the market share of low-voltage circuit breaker is higher than that of medium voltage circuit breaker and high-voltage circuit breaker, because of cost competitiveness

geographically, North America dominated the circuit breaker and fuse market in 2012. This is due to strict laws and regulations requiring the replacement of the old power base. I wish you a wide range of financial resources, prosperous business and good luck. Emerging economies in the Asia Pacific region, such as South Korea, Taiwan, India, China and Japan, are expected to become the fastest-growing regions in the circuit breaker and fuse market. This development is mainly driven by the adjustment of the verticality of the main shaft and the test bench platform, the coaxiality of the main shaft axis and the lifting screw axis according to its situation, rapid urbanization, the expansion of power generation and transmission industries, and the construction and transportation industries

the global circuit breaker and fuse market includes many small-scale and large-scale participants. In 2012, General Electric accounted for the largest market share. Domestic enterprises are increasingly looking to Australia and African countries. Other major enterprises include ABB group, Alstom, Eaton electric group, Maxwell technology, Mitsubishi Electric, Pennsylvania circuit breaker company, Schneider Electric, Siemens and Toshiba group

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