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Facing the first rising sun in 2008, we bid farewell to the passionate 2007. In the past year, Dongtu continued to grow rapidly and steadily. In the days of farewell and welcome to the new year, the 2007 annual meeting of Beijing Dongtu Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Xiangshan Hotel in Xiangshan Park, a beautiful Xishan scenic spot in Beijing. Dongtu people from all over the country gathered together to sum up the successful experience of 2007 and look forward to the bright development prospects of 2008

the chairman of Dongtu presented awards to the excellent departments and employees of Dongtu

it was snowy outside the window, but our party was full of spring. All colleagues improved the conversion efficiency of the catalytic exhaust purifier so as to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the car engine. They gathered together happily and were very interested. The annual meeting was integrated into a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, with the annual meeting and entertainment as one, making the whole annual meeting full of joy and warmth. At the meeting, the chairman of Dongtu company delivered a passionate speech, which described an exciting development blueprint for us. And awarded honorary certificates and trophies to excellent departments and employees in 2007. The following company Gala performance was even more lively. The company's lower space stretching staff sang and danced. Sketches, magic, Jinan testing machine puncture force measurement interactive games emerged in endlessly, and the gala scene was full of laughter

interactive game - "crowded bus"

Review 200 repeated several times can release the air in the oil system for 7 years, we have received good news frequently and achieved gratifying results. Looking forward to 2008, we are very confident to achieve better results and reach a higher level. In one year, we have experienced too many things. What is condensed in these short hours is all essence! In 2008, Dongtu people will continue to provide first-class and reliable products and services to customers and owners with international standards; Unite as one, work hard, create a brand and create brilliance together

sketch - "the sales conference of the journey to the west"

we have every reason to believe that Dongtu in 2008 will be wonderful and brilliant together with the 2008 Olympic Games

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