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Pinghu: 571 enterprises have safety insurance for their own power generation

the most serious "power shortage" in recent 8 years. Jiaxing enterprises have bought or leased generators to generate power by themselves, resulting in a hot sale of generators. At the same time, there are many hidden dangers in the safety of enterprises' own power supply, which also worries the power supply department. Yesterday, it was learned that Pinghu power supply bureau took the lead in installing "safety insurance" for enterprises' self generated electricity. On the basis of carrying out special inspection on self generated electricity, it signed the "safety agreement on the use of non self provided generators" with enterprises, further standardizing the management of self generated electricity

it is understood that the electricity gap in Pinghu this summer is expected to reach about 200000 kW, and the contradiction between supply and demand is very prominent. In order to ensure production, Pinghu enterprises have purchased generators to generate electricity by themselves. However, unsafe factors occur from time to time because users are not standardized in power consumption management. Since May 20, Pinghu Power Supply Bureau has conducted a special inspection on 747 enterprises in the city. The inspection found that 37 polyurethane (PUR) and polyether urethane (PEU) households had management problems and potential safety hazards. At present, 19 households have completed rectification as required

this inspection focuses on the switching devices and interlocking devices between some non parallel power supplies and electricity. When the driving frame moves, it is checked to ensure that the non parallel power supplies and electrical power supplies adopt the "cut first and then connect" switching mode, and the zero line and phase line are switched synchronously

in the process of arranging the distribution of self generated power users, the power supply department with qualified performance reminded more than 2000 special transformer power customers by sending text messages. If installing self-contained generators, first go to the power supply department with a good understanding of the needs of the Chinese market to go through the formalities, and then install the switching devices. After passing the acceptance of the power supply department, it can be used after signing the "safety agreement for the use of non self owned generators". At present, 571 enterprises in Pinghu have signed safety agreements. These enterprises will use the total self generating capacity of 92360 kW during the peak period of power consumption, effectively alleviating the power shortage

"the special inspection of self generating users carried out by the power supply bureau has attached a 'safety belt' to our power consumption, and the production of enterprises will be basically unaffected by power shortage in the future." Jiaxing GuangYue Garment Co., Ltd., located in Xindai Town, Pinghu City, is a Sino foreign joint venture. Yang Junming, the electrical director, told that the enterprise has two production sites with a total installed capacity of 1575 kVA. In early July, a week of centralized maintenance was carried out according to the arrangement of orderly electricity use. In order to make electricity available to the people, the enterprise has safely used 630 kW and 800 kW self-contained generators during daytime production

it is understood that Pinghu Power Supply Bureau, on the basis of carrying out self generation inspection, also formed two supervision teams to conduct special supervision on the special treatment of self owned generator users, and checked and archived the user's generator model, capacity, number, power supply area, grounding device, self owned power manager and other information one by one, forming a situation of comprehensive supervision and real-time tracking

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